Centura Development Opportunity in Pittsburgh, PA

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Amy Maljan

Centura Development Opportunity in Pittsburgh, PA

Post by Amy Maljan » 25 May 2001, 19:16

 Posted by:  Amy Maljan 

My name is Gina Ricciardi and I represent TMP Worldwide in Pittsburgh, PA.
In case our name itself is not familiar, perhaps our achievements and
accomplishments will be?.

· #1 in Yellow Pages Advertising
· #1 in Recruitment Advertising
· #3 in North America and #4 in the World in Executive Recruitment
· A Leader in Service/Solution Offerings

Still don't recognize us? Perhaps this will help?.

· #1 Interactive Agency through our internet portal?.MONSTER.COM

Currently I am working on a project which focuses on come across your
resume and was very impressed with the level of technical
experience and expertise displayed.

I would appreciate the opportunity to take a few minutes of your time to
discuss this project in greater detail to determine your interest and
ultimate availability. Please contact me at any of the means provided
below to arrange a convenient time to speak.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. I look forward to
hearing from you soon.

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