Looking for opportunities in Canada

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Artur Barca

Looking for opportunities in Canada

Post by Artur Barca » 27 Feb 2001, 23:38

 Posted by:  Artur Barca 

I will be in Toronto on March for a few days and I am seriously seeking opportunities within that area.

I have 7 years of programming, networking and database experience, 4 years work with
SqlWindows/Centura, very strong database skills (SqlServer, Informix, Oracle - PL/SQL, MsAccess) and some
experience with Visual Basic.

I am able to reside in Toronto and start a new job as soon as possible. Now living in Brazil.

Email me for details, references and résume: a_barca@hotmail.com
Artur Barca
System Analyst Programmer

Frank Boettcher (ITG)

Re: Looking for opportunities in Canada

Post by Frank Boettcher (ITG) » 27 Feb 2001, 23:48

 Posted by:  Frank \(ITG\) 

Contact www.metex.com
They are located in Toronto and might be interested.

Frank Boettcher
Ice Tea Group, LLC

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