Senior Centura developer available

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Senior Centura developer available

Post by ThorThorsson » 07 Feb 2001, 03:57

 Posted by:  ThorThorsson 

I am an expert Centura SQLWindows client/server software developer (using
SQLWindows since 1993). I will be available in mid-February, 2001, for
long-term or short-term assignments.

A detailed resume is available at

These are highlights of my resume:

I developed 12 quality business applications in the last 16 years, from
concept through production rollout, some of major scope and complexity.

I am very productive as a programmer and consistently deliver code of
unsurpassed quality.

I have demonstrated a high level of performance in all phases of software
applications development.

My client list includes 6 Fortune-500 corporations (4 as a principal, 2 in
a subcontractor role).

I can work at your site, as well as from my own office equipped with a
high-speed Internet connection and a Microsoft BackOffice Server-based

Thor Thorsson,15 Ridgeview Ct., Saylorsburg, PA 18353


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