4 Years Centura / SQLBase Developer from Latvia

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Aleksandrs Mjasnikovs

4 Years Centura / SQLBase Developer from Latvia

Post by Aleksandrs Mjasnikovs » 24 Jan 2001, 10:52

 Posted by:  Aleksandrs Mjasnikovs 

I'm looking for programmer position in software developing company (anywhere
in Europe, UK, US)

Preferred roles:

- Relational Database Design
- Client-Server Software Development and Support

My skills:

Operating systems:
Windows 9.x (Expert / 5 years of Experience)
Windows NT (Expert / 4 years of Experience)
Windows 2000 (Intermediate / 1 year of Experience)

Database servers:
Centura SQLBase (Expert / 4 years of Experience)
Microsoft SQL (Intermediate / 1 year of Experience)

Development Tools:
Centura Team Developer (Expert / 4 years of Experience)
ERWin (Expert / 4 years of Experience)
MS Word, Excel (Expert / 5 years of Experience)
Corel Draw, PhotoPaint (Expert / 5 years of Experience)

Languages: English, Russian

As I'm located in Latvia, it would be preferred to work from home.

Please Email me at myaso@mailbox.riga.lv

Aleksandrs Mjasnikovs

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