Available Italian Centura Developer and Consultant

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Piermaria Saglietto

Available Italian Centura Developer and Consultant

Post by Piermaria Saglietto » 26 Nov 2000, 14:26

 Posted by:  Piermaria Saglietto (Monvisoft) 

Software house with certified Centura Developer (7 years of experience in
SqlWindows 5.x, CTD 1.x e CTD2000 (also COM technology) with database
Sqlbase (all versions) Oracle 7.x, 8.x SqlServer 6.5, 7.0, DB2/UDB) is
available to develop any kind of project with Centura products.
We have a serious experience in finantial , help desk, customer care and
billing application. We have also an experience in EURO and CTD application
(we have designed a tool that discover all the problems of EURO porting on
CTD or Sqlwindows sources and report):
We are in North-Italy (near Tourin) and we are interested to develop project
in Italy, Switzerland, French.
We think that it is possible to work remotely.

If someone is interested contact: Piermaria Saglietto

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