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Available Centura Developer

Post by Centura Developer » 22 Nov 2000, 21:44

 Posted by:  Centura Developer 


I am an Iranan Software engineer and i live in Tehran. I am an application
developer (and expert programmer), and i have worked in SQLWindows 5 and
SQLBase 6 for 6 years.

I am ready to study your application developing orders through email , and
after defining the ways of payment, i will develop them in face of $10
useful work per hour. and then the developed program with its inline
well-commented source code would be send through internet to you.

Also i am ready to review your application develops. If you have several and
many large programs, my friends and i are ready to do your software project
in a team.

It is noticable that for our application developing you should not pay any
inssurance or taxes.


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