Devcon Award winners??? (Again) (2000-2005) & (2005-2010)
Thomas Lauzi

Devcon Award winners??? (Again)

Post by Thomas Lauzi » 04 Jan 2008, 14:06

 Posted by:  Thomas Lauzi 


I´m interested to see some infos (text, screenshots) of the award winners
(innovation, design,...) from the devcon.
Will Unify provide some infos?

Dave: You where one of the winners, right? Could you provide some infos?

Thomas L.

Dave Rabelink
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Devcon Award winners??? (Again)

Post by Dave Rabelink » 04 Jan 2008, 14:29

Yes, you're right !

I believe Unify will release info shortly.
At least I supplied some info to the press agency. I dont know when
they will submit it.


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