November Newsletter SQLBase Treasury (2000-2005) & (2005-2010)
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November Newsletter SQLBase Treasury

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For those that did not receive the newsletter by email already.

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 Unify Newsletter November 2007

SQLBase Treasury Available Now!
Up to 25% off on Team Developer Upgrade 5.1
Team Developer 5.1 Service Pack 1
NXJ 12 Preview
SQLBase 11.0.1
Devcon Highlights
Development Award Winner

SQLBase Treasury Available Now!
SQLBase Treasury can help organizations take control of securing confidential information on networks and laptops. With industry-standard 128bit Triple DES database encryption, over the wire and database encryption, and built-in brute force, denial of service (DOS) attack and encryption key search prevention, SQLBase provides a tamperproof database for customers with mobile workforces and organizations that store or distribute sensitive or financial customer data.

SQLBase Treasury encrypts data traffic between client and server to protect from network sniffing attacks. In addition SQLBase protects from password guessing attacks and DOS attacks by incrementing login retry intervals. Every unsuccessful attempt made to access the data through a false password is timed and the time is then doubled on the next attempt. Programs that try a large number of passwords are blocked.

SQLBase Treasury is built on the heritage of SQLBase 11, one of the leading small footprint, self managing embedded databases deployed by ISVs and corporate end users throughout the world. The combination of zero maintenance, reliability, embeddablity and encryption make SQLBase Treasury ideal as a relational data store for low-security, high-risk environments.

More about SQLBase Treasury here.
Download a SQLBase Treasury Trial.

Up to 25% off on Team Developer Upgrade 5.1
If you don't have Team Developer 5.1 yet, then to start leveraging this brand new version has never been easier. Start by leveraging the latest Team Developer release – Team Developer 5.1. Today, for a limited period only, you can purchase Team Developer 5.1 Upgrades at a 25%. discount The promotion only runs through November 30, so use this great opportunity and upgrade now!

Contact your local representative or email to get your personal quote.

Team Developer 5.1 Service Pack 1
We are planning to release the first Service Pack for Team Developer 5.1 in early December this year. The first Service Pack will address issues with source code migration, database routers and Unicode.

Please report issues you find with Team Developer 5.1 on the Unify forum:

Your feedback will help us further enhance Team Developer.

NXJ 12 Preview
The upcoming new release of NXJ 12 brings many enhancements to the powerful Web and SOA development suite. Fast deployment and powerful integration with application servers is a key feature in NXJ 12. To speed up the development and testing cycle, the NXJ control center has been removed. This reduces the time needed to deploy an application in half and improves the integration of the code packages with other Java application servers. A tremendous amount of work has been dedicated to updating the AJAX controls of NXJ 12 and improving DoJo capabilities. NXJ 12 is upgraded to the latest Java version and provides an update to the optional reporting solution.

SQLBase 11.0.1
The first Service Pack release for SQLBase 11 is available now. SQLBase 11.0.1 fixes an important data corruption bug and several SQLConsole issues. Make sure to upgrade your SQLBase 11 installation with SQLBase 11.0.1.You can download the upgrade from the links below or from the eGLS portal using your credentials. SQLBase 11.0.1 uses the same PMCs as SQLBase 11.0. (Windows) (Linux)

Devcon Highlights
We are delighted to say that every DevCon exceeded not only our goals and expectations but were also the most successful developer events we’ve hosted in many years. Here’s a quick flashback: Increased attendance:more than 340 delegates from 30 different nations Worldwide venues:Stockholm, Munich, Paris, Moscow and California New product releases: no more “battleship grey� in Team Developer! Event days: 2 days + a third optional Munich training day with master classes First combined official Unify and GUPTA Developer Conferences More opportunities for interaction and collaboration Unify EMEA Developer Innovation Award Fantastic feedback, comments and responses to our customer survey forms

With two to three parallel tracks divided on Team Developer, SQLBase and NXJ/Composer including Unify database products, we were able to cover more subjects, such as the new Team Developer version 5.1, Web Services, Unicode, ActiveX, Product Sneak Previews, SQLBase 11, database performance, replication, database security, NXJ 12, Business Process Management, rapid Web 2.0 and SOA development, migrating Lotus Notes apps to .NET and SharePoint.

Of course we can’t forget the keynote presentations from the management, highlighting the company overview, financials, company updates and the product strategy and direction for the future.

Especially pleasing this year was our North American event, held at the Unify Coporate Headquarters in Sacramento, California. This was the first event of its kind in North America in several years. The DevCon attracted many leading US organizations, including representation from Fortune 500 companies.

As a result of this year’s success, we will expand the conference next year to include a similar Innovation Award to that the one launched in Europe. Please see Award Winners section below.

In addition, a series of seminars and workshops on the new releases and corporate roadmaps will be taking place across South America. The next event will be in Mexico on November 27, 2007. We will also be holding similar seminar events across Asia Pacific, including Australia, Singapore and Japan. So this year, more than any other year in the past, Unify has had the opportunity to meet our customers from around the world. We look forward to meeting more customers next year during DevCon 2008!

These are just a few of the highlights that have made this year’s DevCons the most successful in recent years. But the biggest thanks go to all the attendees who travelled near and far. Your contribution made the events an enjoyable and productive series of conferences.

It clearly is a “new beginning� which will lead us all into a successful 2008! View conference images

Development Award Winner
This year we inaugurated the first of what will become an annual development innovation awards at the European DevCons. The Innovation Awards provide an excellent opportunity and platform for our customer community to share their story and business applications and be recognized for their commitment to innovation using Unify/GUPTA products and their technological achievements. The winners of the awards this year are: Centraal beheer Achmea (Netherlands) for their component based, client/server CRM solution “KCS� in the category best Team Developer User Interface Sage Bäurer GmbH (Germany) for their application “WINCARAT� in the category most innovative application CPC argus international AG (Switzerland) for their real estate solution „e-argus“ in the category highest return on investment

View images of the winners

If you have any questions or would like to speak to us about the Innovation Awards, please do not hesitate to drop Ines a line at

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