Unify/Gupta Conference in Sacramento, California

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Unify/Gupta Conference in Sacramento, California

Post by Jeff Luther » 09 Nov 2007, 16:47

 Posted by:  Jeff Luther 

(I have copied Aravind's post into a new thread and named it appropriately,
since its topic is the California conference, not Central Europe's.)

I will concur with Aravind: I also attended the Unify/Gupta Conference here
in Sacramento, Calif. that ended last eve. It was a great chance to meet
Aravind and others with whom I have crossed paths in the past and I was
especially impressed by the pro-active "let's do it!" attitude that the
Unify executive and other staff projected over these past 1-1/2 days of the

They seem ready and willing to put themselves on the line for their product
set *and* for their customer base, and while Aravind and others, perhaps,
have issues with the new releases, the fact that there is an 'open door'
policy into Unity tells me that their taking over the Gupta product line
doesn't come with a ship-and-forget-it attitude behind it. In the short time
since they've taken the reins of TD and SB, it appears to me that they have
taken good initial control of what they inherited.

Though some UNICODE issues are still there -- it is brand new and a radical
departure from the ol' SQLWindows/TD days of assuming ASCII/ANSI only -- I
now see better the fact that multi-byte support is a reality and a
requirement in this Global Community/Virturalized world. A Hats Off! to a
good conference.

- Jeff/PC Design

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