End of September

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End of September

Post by Tony » 27 Sep 2007, 11:36

 Posted by:  Tony 

Tomorrow is End of September.
Does this ring a bell?

Ian Rudge

End of September

Post by Ian Rudge » 27 Sep 2007, 11:45

 Posted by:  Ian Rudge 

I thought it was 30th?


End of September

Post by Tony » 27 Sep 2007, 12:21

 Posted by:  Tony 

Yes, but I do not expect a release on Sunday.
It would be like a "Sunday Release"

Alberto Aviles

End of September

Post by Alberto Aviles » 27 Sep 2007, 16:51

 Posted by:  Alberto Aviles 

jajajaa. Sunday relase nice joke

we hope this release are good... because i have heavy problems on sqlBase
TD we are waiting don't fail to us , my job is in this

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End of September

Post by Mirko » 27 Sep 2007, 17:14

 Posted by:  Mirko BONANNO 

Who would be so crazy to release a major version 2 weeks before the DevCon ?

I wouldn't and I'm sure they wont !!!


PS Someone out there who wants to bet on the release date ? I bet ...for
the... 1st of November
PPS Faites vos jeux mesdames et monsieurs. Rien ne va plus !!!!

Aravind Ram

End of September

Post by Aravind Ram » 27 Sep 2007, 17:14

 Posted by:  Aravind Ram 

Sacramento DevCon is scheduled for Nov. 7th and 8th. My guess is around
X'mas or new year.


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