Unify / Gupta Newsletter May 2007

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Martin Teetz

Unify / Gupta Newsletter May 2007

Post by Martin Teetz » 15 May 2007, 13:43

 Posted by:  Martin Teetz 

 Unify / GUPTA May 2007 Newsletter

Team Developer 5.1 Update
NXJ Developer Wins Prestigious Industry Award
European Developers Conferences 2007
Increased Scalability and Concurrency in SQLBase 11
Combined Unify and GUPTA Website
Database Replication and Synchronization with DBMoto
Windows Vista and Windows 64bit Support

Team Developer 5.1 Update
Development of Team Developer 5.1 is in full swing. Several key parts of the project have been successfully completed including the Unicode support and most of the GUI updates. Our goal for Team Developer 5.1 is for customers to be able to load Team Developer 4.x source code and run it without changes. The default look and feel of all objects in Team Developer 5.1 will be asthey are in Windows XP, without any migration work. Optionally, you can give your Team Developer applications the latest and greatest in Windows look and feel with Windows Vista and Office 2007.

Team Developer 5.1 will allow you to convert existing applications into modern business applications. With just a little bit of effort, Team Developer 5.1 will allow partners to sell upgrades of its applications to customers who want the look and feel of Windows Vista, Windows XP or Office 2007. Stay tuned. We are planning to release the exciting new Team Developer 5.1 in late Summer. Team Developer 5.1 Image Preview

See what your Team Developer 5.1 applications can look like! The new Team Developer 5.1 IDE in action!

Team Developer 5.1 using UNICODE?! Report Builder 5.1 new IDE Preview!

NXJ Developer Wins Prestigious Industry Award
NXJ Developer won the Innovation Award for Excellence from the SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) Initiative, a technology foundation for the SME market in Germany. NXJ Developer was selected for the Award in the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) category by a panel of industry experts who were impressed by NXJ Developer’s ability to aid businesses in application modernizations and to service-enable mission critical legacy applications in support of enterprise-wide SOA initiatives.

The SME Initiative was founded to serve as a reliable partner and advisor for small and medium sized enterprises for the selection of IT solutions and a way of seeing through the technical jargon and to inform organizations on the potential of new technologies.

“We are proud to receive this industry recognition for NXJ Developer,� said Todd Wille, CEO of Unify. “In particular, this validation by the SME Initiative in Germany, an important region for us given our large and loyal customer and partner base, demonstrates how NXJ Developer is a top solution for small and mid-sized organizations wanting development software that enables them to build SOA-based Rich Internet Applications 80 percent faster than alternative offerings.�

Enterprises of all sizes are moving towards using SOA to help increase their speed and agility, improve asset reuse, lower IT costs, reduce business risks and free information previously locked within proprietary systems. This is particularly true of SMEs that have to do more work with less available resources. With NXJ Developer, companies are able to create and deliver new business applications that support an SOA in a highly productive and cost effective manner.

NXJ Developer enables customers to develop Rich Internet Applications that simultaneously leverage the usability of traditional desktop applications, the creation and consumption of Web services, and the skill set of their existing application developers. With NXJ Developer, customers are able to complete their development projects rapidly and cost effectively. Download a free trial of NXJ Developer here.

Unify / GUPTA Developer Conferences 2007
We are pleased to announce the European Developers Conferences will be held over a two-week period in October. Not only is this the first combined Unify/GUPTA conference, we’ve also changed the format to provide more comprehensive training opportunities, interaction and collaboration, and greater access to technology and product experts. Nordic Developers Day in Stockholm/Sweden: October 11, 2007 Central European Developers Conference in Munich/Germany: October 15-17, 2007 Southern Developers Day in Paris/France: October 19, 2007 In detail we will have:

Three Technical Tracks: Deep technical sessions will run concurrently on Modern Rapid Application Development Powerful Database Management Systems Application Modernization to Enable Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
Sneak Preview: Get an early view into the features and functionality of the next releases
Training Summit (available in Munich): One day “Power Training� on Team Developer, SQLBase and NXJ Developer
Unify/GUPTA Development Innovation Award: Our new awards program will provide an opportunity for our customer and partner community to share their story and be recognized for their commitment to innovation by extending Unify/GUPTA technologies. The Development Innovation Awards will recognize technological achievements that showcase both creative thinking and determined problem solving and honour the individuals and companies who have forged new ground and used Unify/GUPTA solutions in inspiring ways. Winners will be announced during the Conference.

Contact Ines Piech for more pre-information on all three conferences or stay-tuned – more information to come in our next monthly newsletter!

Increased Scalability and Concurrency in SQLBase 11
SQLBase 11 will be released in conjunction with the Team Developer 5.1 in late Summer 2007. SQLBase 11 will allow you to have more concurrent users without changing your applications or switching to another database product. Just installing and running your applications in conjunction with SQLBase 11 will give you scalability and concurrency benefits right out of the box. With SQLBase 11, scalability bottlenecks are removed from the product, allowing you to use the convenient and simple-to-use SQLBase product for more customers. Applications that need Row-Level-Locking can take advantage of the new Row-Level-Locking behavior isolation level of SQLBase 11 to provide scalable and feature rich database business applications. Combined Unify and Gupta Website
We are also pleased to announce that we have combined the unify.com and guptaworldwide.com websites into one site to reflect our integration as one company and simplify information delivery for our customers and partners. All website visitors for http//www.guptaworldwide.com are now redirected to the combined Unify and Gupta website at http//www.unify.com. The new website contains all the information previously available on the Gupta site plus of course the product, services, and corporate information for our combined organizations. Your Gupta website login credentials continue to work on the new website. By the way, the Unify website is using a SQLBase database for data storage and some content management. Here is a short directory for your convenience: NXJ Developer SQLBase Team Developer Report Builder Support Portal Trial Product Downloads PTF Downloads Log A Bug Unify Corporate Overview

Database Replication and Synchronization with DBMoto
DBMoto offers feature rich and easy to use refresh and real-time replication among and between SQLBase and other databases like Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. Many SQLBase customers have heterogeneous database environments that need the ability to replicate and synchronize data between the several databases they own. DBMoto provides a fast and economical solution for customers facing challenges in accessing data.

DBMoto performs refresh and real-time data replication for enterprise database server and desktop database replication needs. DBMoto supports large database deployments where for example a sales force is equipped with a database solution running on individual field sales laptops. Sales needs to synchronize the data with a central database once or twice a day in order to receive latest updates from headquarters and to upload orders taken during the day. Another common requirement is to replicate the databases of many subsidiaries and offices with a central database within the headquarters datacenter. DBMoto can be used to create standby hot-backups of production databases that can take over database services when the main system fails.
Download DBMoto.

Windows Vista and Windows 64bit Support
The latest SQLBase, Team Developer and Report Builder product releases are supported on the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system. The following list contains all product versions supported on Windows Vista. SQLBase 9.0.1 SQLBase International Team Developer 4.2 Report Builder 4.2 The following products are supported on 64bit processors running Windows Server 2003 x64 operating systems. SQLBase 9.0.1 SQLBase International Team Developer 4.2 Report Builder 4.2

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Thomas Hohn

Unify / Gupta Newsletter May 2007

Post by Thomas Hohn » 15 May 2007, 15:01

 Posted by:  Thomas Hohn 

Hi Martin!

Looks cool - could you elaborate on the Term "Late Summer" ?

Greetings and happy coding


Thomas Hohn

Unify / Gupta Newsletter May 2007

Post by Thomas Hohn » 15 May 2007, 15:04

 Posted by:  Thomas Hohn 

Hallo Martin!

Looks cool - could you elaborate on the term "Late Summer"? Since we
have a prototype under Vista in the Pipeline - it would be cool
to have a mere precise term...



Martin Teetz

Unify / Gupta Newsletter May 2007

Post by Martin Teetz » 15 May 2007, 15:25

 Posted by:  Martin Teetz 

Hi Thomas,

Unfortunately I cannot give you a more precise launch date yet. As we
come closer to completion of the project we can announce a more specific
date. We will continue to send out monthly communications on that matter
to keep you all posted.

Best regrads,

Didier Tourneur

Unify / Gupta Newsletter May 2007

Post by Didier Tourneur » 15 May 2007, 16:46

 Posted by:  Didier Tourneur 

And the version 4.2 and the next ptf for 4.1 have you some visibility

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