New Log-A-Bug Location (2000-2005) & (2005-2010)
Mike Vandine

New Log-A-Bug Location

Post by Mike Vandine » 10 May 2007, 11:06

 Posted by:  Mike Vandine 

Hi all,

We've got a new location for Log-A-Bug! It available via a link from the
Unify Support website:

Just select the Log A Bug link at the bottom of the page.

Please have a look at the announcement about how to log a bug with us. You
will need to register on this forum to post entries.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Best regards,

Mike Vandine

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New Log-A-Bug Location

Post by czavala » 10 May 2007, 18:28

 Posted by:  Conrado ZAVALA 

Thank you Mike

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