Team Developer 5.1 Highlights (2000-2005) & (2005-2010)
Martin Teetz

Team Developer 5.1 Highlights

Post by Martin Teetz » 04 Apr 2007, 11:15

 Posted by:  Martin Teetz 

Dear Team Developer Users,

The plans for Team Developer 5.1 are done. Inital feedback from
customers is very positive. It looks like you will be getting a very
exciting new Team Developer release in late Summer this year.
Please see the attached newsletter html-file for all details including
the longer term plans for Team Developer.

Best regards,
Martin Teetz
Director of Product Marketing
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Matthias Körner

Team Developer 5.1 Highlights

Post by Matthias Körner » 04 Apr 2007, 16:53

 Posted by:  Matthias Körner 

GUPTA Winter 2007 NewsletterHi Martin,
is It true, You will go back to 4.2 and will redesingn the whole GTD? In my opinion it is an god decision, because we have think about Fechers PPJ to go to .NET, because the work to make it running on 5.0 was min. so much as to go to .net. Now we can hope that there will be no such big thing.
The focus on .NET is good. All our customers are running Win on Workstations. SB on Linux is fine but TD in Linux can not be the same as TD on Windows. I think its possible but not in one step!

What´s with the WebAppServer in 5.1?
What´s with TOM in 5.1?


Martin Teetz

Team Developer 5.1 Highlights

Post by Martin Teetz » 04 Apr 2007, 17:16

 Posted by:  Martin Teetz 

I'm glad you like our new plans. Td 5.1 will include Web Application
Manager, it will be more scalable and provide faster html generation.
TOM will be part of TD 5.1 as well. It will have many many problems fixed.



Team Developer 5.1 Highlights

Post by Yoda » 04 Apr 2007, 17:31

 Posted by:  Yoda 


A couple of questions


Does "Windows Vista Theme" mean you are simulating Aero look in a XP
environment ? There were some Active X packages that used to simulate
XP look for 98 environments. Is it like that?

2)And will these work in Windows 2000?

Lastly, the main portion looks good... The only thing i can suggest(and
i hope i speak for all) is that traditional SAL/OOP/IDE shouldnt
ignored. There should be atleast 3-4 features/functions (even if minor)
should be there. I am thinking debugging improvements/Constructors/More
SAL functions/Active Assistant etc....

I strongly suggest you include SqlDebugString. Its a function suggested
to in wishlist. It will help reduce debugging time for SQL statements
by 99% and it wont take more than a day to develop.

Thanks Everyone

Dave Rabelink
Founder/Site Admin
Founder/Site Admin
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Team Developer 5.1 Highlights

Post by Dave Rabelink » 04 Apr 2007, 22:10

 Posted by:  Dave Rabelink 

Let me make some comments on this.

Personally I like the roadmap, it looks promising.

First the step to .NET. If I should bet my money, it would be .NET.
You can say anything about it, like or dislike it, but it is
Microsoft. Here the people determining the architecture to come have
.NET in their minds. It would make the position of TD in this
environment much tighter if the road to .NET is open. .NET apps
consuming TD components and building .NET apps using TD get it into
the picture again.

The look&feel of the GUI's build in TD, new components and up-to-date
graphics does attract customers. The prospect of having
Office2007/Vista like frontends appeals to me. After years having
owner drawn objects by TD (which were outdated) there is really need
to fresh and new stuff.

UNICODE is a pré. In a modern development environment it should be
supported. Here we will not use it explicitly, but looking at the more
global market it's introduction to TD will be beneficial.

Let me make a suggestion. Enhance the ability to do pure component
development in SAL. Not only create components to be consumed by other
apps, but also pure SAL/TD implementation of (visual) components to be
used in TDTD apps integration.
Dynalibs as it is featured now does the job quite well, but it needs a
fresh new featureset. It is not needed to rely on external
architectures like webservices or COM/ActiveX, a pure TD
implementation can do the same as long the application architecture is
purely based on SAL.

I will put some effort in my suggestion to write a white paper on
component development in TD using Dynalibs.

The roadmap seems a good direction to me.


Thomas Lauzi

Team Developer 5.1 Highlights

Post by Thomas Lauzi » 05 Apr 2007, 14:23

 Posted by:  Thomas Lauzi 

such a function would be nice.
We use currently a SQL-Monitor, where every SQL-Statements with bindvars (or
the replaced content) is shown, so that the SQL-Statement could be tested
directly in SQL-Console. The SQL-Monitor also shows the execution time which
is very helpful for detecting bottlenecks.
Such a debug window in TD (like the "debug message window", where message a
protocolled ), where you see at runtime the SQL-Statements with the contents
of the binds would IMHO be a killer feature.

Thomas L.

Suren Behari

Team Developer 5.1 Highlights

Post by Suren Behari » 05 Apr 2007, 17:29

 Posted by:  Suren Behari 

Hi Karthik,

Please finds comments embedded below...

[Suren] Internally there is a global paint manager component that handles
all the painting for theme consistency for all available controls.

[Suren] The addition of a Constructor Outline type is in the PRD and we are
also investigating ways on improving the Active Coding Assistant.

[Suren] This one has been in and out - will try to sneak it in this time


Team Developer 5.1 Highlights

Post by Yoda » 05 Apr 2007, 18:58

 Posted by:  Yoda 


Does anyone know what is "PRD"?? Does it mean its there or not??

There are dozens of improvements that can be made. But ACA needs two
improvements at the barest minimum. One is to provide proper help
for SAL function parameters. Second it to jump from a function call
to the function definition and jump back.

I once again recommend you consider the SQL Debug function. It will save
some poor soul hours of wasteful debugging. A monitor like Thomas
suggested is ideal. But this will be a good start.. I would buy 5.1 just
for this one function.

A few features like this in addition to the GUI/Unicode and it will make
5.1 something to look forward too.

Thanks Everyone

Igor Ivanovic
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Site Admin
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Team Developer 5.1 Highlights

Post by Igor Ivanovic » 06 Apr 2007, 09:10

 Posted by:  Igor Ivanovic 


This time I will not comment "the new and exciting version", I'll wait
until I actually see it.

Just glad to see you haven't left Gupta and are still here with us. It
makes me feel more confident.


Suren Behari

Team Developer 5.1 Highlights

Post by Suren Behari » 06 Apr 2007, 10:22

 Posted by:  Suren Behari 

Hi Karthik,

The PRD is the Product Requirements Document that details the features and
usage scenarios for a product release.

F2 & Ctrl+F2 allows you to jump to declaration and back, respectively.


Armin Pokorny

Team Developer 5.1 Highlights

Post by Armin Pokorny » 06 Apr 2007, 14:38

 Posted by:  Armin Pokorny 

Would be nice to have a SqlGetLastStatementEx( hSql ).
I think machines today have enough memory to store the SQLStatement per

best regards


Team Developer 5.1 Highlights

Post by TAB » 12 Apr 2007, 09:56

 Posted by:  TAB 

GUPTA Winter 2007 NewsletterHi Martin,

These plans look very promising,and we look forward to the new version. If you can deliver on this, we have newfound confidence in the future of your company and the relevance of your tools. I do have a couple of questions I'd like to see you respond to:

- can you expand on what the new grid control will mean in terms of functionality? We would love to see options like tree structure (like we have via MTable), 'sub-tables' (meaning each tree branch can have it's own column headers and the like), multi-column drop down in grid columns, and we would like to keep options like MTable's exports to HTML and Excel, and preferably add PDF as well. The print options from MTable are very useful to us, and we'd like to see those embedded in the new control)
- as far as your longer term path to .NET, are you essentially planning to build a new compiler that will generate CIL from SAL code?
- will we get access to more details before the release (or maybe even the PRD)?
- are you expecting to do an open BETA? If so, when can we expect to get a first look?

Best regards,

Martin Teetz

Team Developer 5.1 Highlights

Post by Martin Teetz » 12 Apr 2007, 11:37

 Posted by:  Martin Teetz 


We will create a version of Team Developer that creates .Net managed
code from a TD app. I can't tell you yet how that will work in detail.

Regarding your grid question. The existing table window will remain as
is for backward compatibility. It should be rather easy to bring mtable
to TD 5.1 level. Ideally it should just work, but the Unicode changes
might need some changes on mtable side as well.

You can use the new grid control if you like in your applications, that
would be migration work to include that.

We will continue to send out monthly newsletters with an increasing
amount of details about TD 5.1.

Best regards,

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Team Developer 5.1 Highlights

Post by micsto » 12 Apr 2007, 12:27

 Posted by:  Michael Stoll \(MICSTO\) 

Hi Martin,

if the code base of table windows / child tables in 5.1 is identical to 4.2
I don't see any problems to provide M!Table/M!Image version for 5.1.
But UNICODE is of course a new topic which I'll have to handle in
Will UNICODE be fixed integrated in 5.1, or will there be a choice to use
If there will be a choice, I'd need an API function to determine if UNICODE
is used!


Armin Pokorny

Team Developer 5.1 Highlights

Post by Armin Pokorny » 12 Apr 2007, 12:50

 Posted by:  Armin Pokorny 

- Can we hope that the new TD 5.1 table window controll does not look as
ugly as the TD 5.0 table window?


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