New business opportunities (2000-2005) & (2005-2010)
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New business opportunities

Post by Jonas Mandahl Pedersen » 15 Mar 2007, 14:44

 Posted by:  Jonas Pedersen 

Just some thoughts inspired by the many posts under the last few threads.

There are two main areas which I think could increase the revenue.

1) Compiler plug ins / rich controls
2) Test frame work

1) Compiler plug ins / rich controls

Here is what I would purchase tomorrow if they were available, 100% embedded
into the compiler:

- Language independent applications
- Code analizer:
- when selecting an object you could launch something that gave number
of instances using the object etc.
- A lot of wizards which can give you information about your code, and
un-used code. This would be especially usefull to get rid of all the
constants you get when importing an activeX / com component and you
- Rich text control.

2) Test frame work

A few years I did create an automated test framework for my gupta
It is today a big part of our QA procedure. The automated tests runs on our
test server every night, and the next day I get an error report of any
problems that might have been introduced during the previuos days work.
At the moment the test framework catches:
- All Sql errors
- All navigation problems
- All control problems

If you follow the link you can see what it looks like:
It is not ready as a commercial product, and I have no intension of that in
the future as it is not a part of our business core expertise.
I would be happy to share my work with Gupta, if you have any plans of going
into this area.
The only downside of the current tool is that the tests is defined in
another program outside the compiler, so when ever I do a change or a new
feature in the compiler, I have to do changes in my test frame work as well.

If this could be coorperated into the brilliant outline of TD, it would be
the best test tool on the market.
My dream would be that for each class, function, window, control there was a
point in the outline called test action.
The test action part of the code should be ignored when building the code,
but when working in the test mode, it should automatically test the
application like having a Debug-test run.

If this product is made right, I think most companies that have bought your
compiler will bite your hand of, if you this product were available.

There is a huge business area in system tests and unit testing, that has
never been explored by Gupta.
Quality is a increasing demand by customers, and may companies, has up to 1
QA per 1 Developer.
The only way of bringing the QA effort down is intelligent automated tests,
(except for hiring developers which never makes mistakes :-) )

At the moment i am looking at the test functionality which is build into
It has some interesting ideas, but the functionality is good enough.

What I have always loved about TD is the ease of navigation in the outline
and bug fixing.
To stay ahead in this area in the future I think it would be a good

Best Regards

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