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Jonas Mandahl Pedersen

Team Developer 5.Future

Post by Jonas Mandahl Pedersen » 12 Mar 2007, 16:09

 Posted by:  Jonas Pedersen 

I did not download 5.1 but received it by mail, but would still like a phone

Here are my thoughts for what it is worth.

I have used Gupta / Centura / Gupta team developer since 1996, and I love
the product.

We still use version 2.1 which is still performing great.

The reason why we are still on version 2.1 is that there has not been any
updates, that would improve the implementation of our product, maybe with
exception of the XML enhancement in the last version.

So it has not been worth the effort of migrating.

What scared me to death about the latest version, which is now withdrawn was
the backwards compatibility issues.

Many developers rely on 3rd party libraries like Mtable, Mimg, Xsal etc.,
and we have developed quite a few internally as well.

If all the code using these libraries will no longer be continued, it means
a huge effort to upgrade.

My business is developing windows products and will be for the next many
years, and I get a bit sad if the linux world will set limitations for what
we do.

I think the original road map for TD with .NET implementation was a much
nicer picture of Gupta's future than the linux world.

I will stick to Gupta Team developer as long as possible, and with the right
next version that will be for many years.

Gupta TD is a fantastic product, which has many good thing going for it:

1) Fastest development in the world

I am willing to challenge any developer in any other programming language if
they can do basic database applications faster than we can in TD.

2) Maintenance, The brilliant outline makes maintenance and bug fixing very
fast compared to any other language.

3) The TD community is fantastic, add a problem to the news group, and you
will have a solution within hours. Many developers has shared their work and
many free tools are available not to forget the Salextension library.

What the future will bring for our company will be more and more

1) By 1/1/2008 we have to provide web services for most areas in our

2) Increasing demand of web enabling parts of the application.

3) Interface to other application though socket messages.

All 3 areas is not native to TD.

1) and 2) can be achieved by building COM objects, if that is going to be
continued, however any easier solution would be welcome.

3) Will be solved by using 3rd party components which.

So I do not see any real issues for the future, except any potential VISTA

I think it is a fair decision to withdraw the latest version, but it would
be nice to get some information on when and what to expect from a new

I will encourage all developer to try with a positive approach to the new
team, and will encourage Gupta / UNIFY to have a more open approach to

Best Regards

Jonas Mandahl Pedersen

ZuluZoft Ltd.


Team Developer 5.Future

Post by Tony » 13 Mar 2007, 13:02

 Posted by:  Tony 

I fully agree with Jonas.
We are at the same situation(ver 2.1) here and followed the ver 5.0 matter
with disscontent especially for the missing of compatibility between
It was very confortable to me the announcement from GUPTA that the newest
version will be 100% compatible to old ones.

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Team Developer 5.Future

Post by Charlie » 13 Mar 2007, 14:42

 Posted by:  Jason Veniot 

Same for me. (Thanks Jonas)

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