Team Developer 5.0 Withdrawn (2000-2005) & (2005-2010)
Martin Teetz

Team Developer 5.0 Withdrawn

Post by Martin Teetz » 07 Mar 2007, 16:34

 Posted by:  Martin Teetz 

Dear Valued customer,

In response to customer feedback and an internal review, Unify’s
executive management team has taken the decision to withdraw the general
availability of Team Developer 5.0 until the product quality and
feature/functionality meets the standards of excellence required for our
product portfolio. We are extremely disappointed at having to take this
decision, but feel that in the interests of our valued customers and
partners, it is the only viable option at this time.

However, we want to reaffirm our commitment to you, our customers, that
over the next few months we will deliver a “New Generation” of Team
Developer 5.x that not only meets, but exceeds your expectations. We
will invest the time and resources necessary to ensure that TD 5.x will
be fully deliverable and moreover that subsequent releases will contain
many, if not all of the features and functionality that our customers
require. We have already made several corrective actions and process
improvements to ensure that we deliver on our commitment.

* We have installed a new project management team
* We have established an independent QA department with a charter and
authority to enforce quality and feature compliance
* We have assembled a centralized and focused development team based in
our Sacramento headquarters
* We have initiated a “Customer Care Program” that includes direct phone
contact with ALL customers that have downloaded the TD 5.0 product to
gather impressions, recommendations and defects.
* We are implementing an enhancement and defect review of the existing
Team Developer releases to identify features that should be included in
this release as well as defects that must be addressed.

The litmus tests that Team Developer 5.x must pass prior to being
re-released to our customers are:

* Zero"0" known critical defects that can cause crashes or corruption
* 100% compatibility with prior releases
* 100% compliance with features requirements
* Same or better performance as the current release

We understand and share your frustration and can only ask for your
patience. As part of our acquisition of Gupta, we were not aware of the
shortcomings in the Team Developer 5.0 project, but take full
responsibility for this situation as well as full responsibility for
completing this product release with the promised quality and
functionality. We further commit to return to you a product that you can
continue to trust and enjoy using for years to come.

We will be distributing a revised features list and schedule as soon as
it is solidified.

Thanks for your continued support and understanding.
Best regards,
Duane V. George
VP of Development and Technical Services, Unify Corporation


Team Developer 5.0 Withdrawn

Post by Yoda » 07 Mar 2007, 17:07

 Posted by:  Yoda 

So thats official from Martin. I was hearing rumors on and off about
this and got a confirmation a few days back.

that will still work with M!Table, and the new one based on QicsTable>>>

Did you not read between the lines?. This means that Gupta is dumping TD
5.0 as well as Linux. Over 30 people worked on TD 5.0. and the same on

So they have technically worked for anywhere between 60-90 man years for
the past 3 years and managed to lose everything they had except the TD
2005.1 XML features and a Find Replace Box. Just about everything.

So they are restarting with the code base they had around 2 years back.
The mail is a polite way of saying they are in a gigantic mess- for the
100000000000000000000000000000000th time since Gupta started but quite
possibly for the last time.

Sometime you wish there was merciful god who will put TD out of its
misery by doing away with it. Its painful to watch what was once a
supremely elegant tool suffer this way. Like watching a champion ballet
dancer break her leg and still try to dance on the broken leg.

One last word. I wish to thank all the TD Staff Suren downwards. 5.0 was
a brave attempt. Problem was they spent 1 year doing WINE. And that led
to their current mess. May the force be with the brave who tried and

The only correct strategy for Gupta is to open source 5.0.


Didier Tourneur

Team Developer 5.0 Withdrawn

Post by Didier Tourneur » 08 Mar 2007, 09:35

 Posted by:  Didier Tourneur 


Do you continue to do evlution on version 4.1 and 4.2 or you debug only the
version 5.0
have you a roadmap on version 4.x.
Version of SqlBase are impated ?


Martin Teetz

Team Developer 5.0 Withdrawn

Post by Martin Teetz » 08 Mar 2007, 10:04

 Posted by:  Martin Teetz 

Hi Didier,

The details of the upcoming Team Developer release are still in
planning. As soon as the plans are finalized we will share them.

The TD 5.0 change has no impact on SQLBase.

Best regards,

James McCall

Team Developer 5.0 Withdrawn

Post by James McCall » 08 Mar 2007, 22:29

 Posted by:  James McCall 

I have to say that I didn't read that into it. But then I don't have the
inside connections & insight to help me get past the marketese.

If this is the case then I can only echo your sentiments about the sad fall
of TD/CTD/SQLWindows and commiserations to the poor lads & lasses ("Suren
downwards") who worked hard on this product - nice try guys, I'm sure the
development community don't blame you.

Better be off, I've got 200,000 lines of code to rewrite in PHP &

James McCall

Igor Ivanovic
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Team Developer 5.0 Withdrawn

Post by Igor Ivanovic » 09 Mar 2007, 08:03

 Posted by:  Igor Ivanovic 


In this case I hate that I was right when I talked to Suren about the
complete rewriting of TD. BTW, what happened to Suren? Did he also had to

It happened before to many others, it strike Gupta now.
But where are we now?
We have a buggy TD4.2, lacking a lot of features we would like to have, an
even buggier TD5.0, without the features we all wanted, and even not
compatible with previous versions, which was one of the main features of TD
till now.
Not to mention the Linux version. Is anybody using it?
I didn't saw too many messages regarding it on this newsgroup.

Although I don't want to admit it, but You might be right. It could be the
end of TD. Every time things like this happen, often the best part of the
team leaves ship, looking for more promising jobs, leaving the weaker ones
to struggle with the project that already was in a mess...

Well, I could go on and on, but my message to the new Gupta
management/development team is (if they are listening):

Think! Are You capable of producing a modern rich full development tool in
a reasonable time line, following the usual software project guidelines
(ie. having alpha, beta, prerelease candidates 1,2,3), compatible with the
previous versions, or not.

If not, just admit it, and give us some time to switch to something else,
by providing support (and PTF's) for a reasonable time for the existing

If yes, do it right this time!


Thomas Lauzi

Team Developer 5.0 Withdrawn

Post by Thomas Lauzi » 09 Mar 2007, 14:06

 Posted by:  Thomas Lauzi 

Hi Igor,
yes, I was also very sceptic about the complete rewrite and the Linux
strategy. It was promising, but I doubted, that they were able to do this
with their manpower in this short timeframe.

I don?t see TD4.2 from such a negative point of view.
Some bugs still remain, from my point of view, it seems to be a version,
which is good enough for production.

Yes, it was more than rubbish, most people stopped testing after a few

Oh yes, I could only hope that you are not right, Igor.

I think TD4.2 is a good base and a TD4.3 with some new feature like XP
style,menubitmaps,... and some bugfixing could be a good version to win some
time for fixing TD5.0.
But you are completly right, I also want a statement from Gupta, if TD5,0 is
potponed or canceled,so that we could plan for the future.

Thomas L.

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