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Post by The Flaming Kiwi » 04 Jul 2005, 12:36

 Posted by:  The Flaming Kiwi 

I agree with you all: Using MS Internet Explorer 6 the Search only works with the actual Search button but not by hitting Enter (which will only reload the current page you're viewing). I found this to be the problem for the Search function on every other page I use it - hitting Enter only reloads the page you're on.

However, with Firefox 1.0.4 the search works fine using both the Search button and hitting the Enter key.

As for the U-umlaut (Ü) symbol in the TD compatibility matrix I also get the same failure in Firefox but not with MS Internet Explorer. Both browsers use the same character encoding (UTF-8), but maybe that's what's not causing Firefox to display the U-umlaut as the check symbol in the matrix.

I hope this can be resolved. It does look very weird in the compatibility matrix.


You are right, the enter behavior is different on IE and Firefox. We will
look into it.


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Check our new home page

Post by michael » 06 Jul 2005, 13:11

 Posted by:  Michael Hummel 

wrong url when register td 2005.1 beta


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Martin Teetz

Check our new home page

Post by Martin Teetz » 06 Jul 2005, 14:23

 Posted by:  Martin Teetz 

The beta software cannot be registered as it has a fixed expiry date and we
want to prevent usage past the beta period. The pages for the Team Developer
2005.1 product registration are not in place yet.


Roland Kruggel

Check our new home page

Post by Roland Kruggel » 20 Jul 2005, 13:40

 Posted by:  Roland Kruggel 

and not kompatible with konqueror :(((

Greetings from Germany
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