SQLBase 9.0.1 has been launched

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Martin Teetz

SQLBase 9.0.1 has been launched

Post by Martin Teetz » 07 Jun 2005, 11:58

 Posted by:  Martin Teetz 

Dear SQLBase Fans,

SQLBase 9.0.1 introduces very much improved multi-user performance.

For the first time SQLBase GLS customers can now download the SQLBase 9.0.1
software from our website instead of waiting for a CD shipment. Check out
the product information for SQLBase 9.0.1:


Best regards,
Martin Teetz
GUPTA Product Marketing


SQLBase 9.0.1 has been launched

Post by Tony » 09 Jun 2005, 12:46

 Posted by:  Tony 

Read the article and there are some figures that catched my attention.
1.First the gain in performance up to 300%. Can someone explain why all this
performance gain? What is changed? Anything in the lock policy? Or it is
just the trend of latest GUPTA releases(apart from Linux version), that main
enhancements in products are: performance gain, inside enhancements, and
logo change?
2. Since I have been in GUPTA world(1997), I have always read about this
figure 1 Million SQLBase-s out there. Amazingly, the number remains constant
through the years. This means: GUPTA doesn't create new SQLBase customers or
GUPTA does not know the number of SQLBase-s in circulation and that's why it
is stuck in this 1 Million figure.
I'm not writing these lines as a kind of arguing but as a mean of informing
myself on what is happening in GUPTA world.

Martin Teetz

SQLBase 9.0.1 has been launched

Post by Martin Teetz » 09 Jun 2005, 15:30

 Posted by:  Martin Teetz 

Our customer surveys indicate that performance is the most important feature
for database users. That is why we are continuing to improve SQLBase
performance. And you are right, the internal locking has been optimized to
achieve such high multiuser performance gains. We never advertised logo
change as a feature, but sounds like a good idea for the future.


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SQLBase 9.0.1 has been launched

Post by Mirko » 09 Jun 2005, 17:37

 Posted by:  Mirko BONANNO 

Hi Tony,

FYI some good work has been done for Sal ExternalFunctions in SB 9.0.1.


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