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Interesting Question

Post by Mark » 03 May 2005, 14:36

 Posted by:  Mark 

I've just been asked a question I didn't know the answer to, the question
was "How many gupta licenses are in existence". Would anyone from Gupta care
to comment, failing that are there any estimates out there ?



Martin Teetz

Interesting Question

Post by Martin Teetz » 03 May 2005, 14:52

 Posted by:  Martin Teetz 

More than 10,000 active Team Developer licenses and millions of SQLBase
licenses are out there.


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Interesting Question

Post by martinenco » 05 May 2005, 23:44

 Posted by:  Enrique Martinenco 

Only 10.000 TD licences?.
It seems a drop of water in the desert...

In my opinion, GTD is the best RAD tool I ever seen. I work with it since
1994 and i'm very happy whith the results.

My be because the high price? If GTD cost, I guess, 1000 US or less the
developers base will grow dramaticly.

I live in a country whith economic troubles, Argentina, so, the budgets are
very restricted and the customers prefer pay less money in software tools.
In my country VB and .net are the choice in tools, because it's cost.

I pray to the Goods for Gupta review their price policy and understand is
preferable 1,000,000 copys at 500 US than 10,000 at 4,000.

only my 2 cents.



Jim McNamara

Interesting Question

Post by Jim McNamara » 06 May 2005, 17:26

 Posted by:  Jim McNamara 

Umang Gupta tried that in 1993. PowerSoft, Borland and M$ retaliated.
Their much deeper pockets literally put the original Gupta Corporation, and
subsequently Centura Software out of business.

From a business standpoint, a quiet play by Gupta Technologies to penetrate
by word of mouth & continue building customer loyalty will keep them
profitable while eliminating the inherent risks of a big marketing play.
Mr. Gupta, to this day, regrets his decision to turn down Oracle's offer in
the early '90's. Maybe another suitor will appear from the wings again some

Bud Ingraham

Interesting Question

Post by Bud Ingraham » 08 Jul 2005, 06:44

 Posted by:  Bud Ingraham 


I do remember Umang's decision to turn down Oracle. I agree that had he
to do it all over again, I am pretty sure he would not turn it down again.

However, I totally disagree about Gupta lowering the prices dramatically
in 1993 where PowerSoft, Borland, and M$ retaliated - NEVER HAPPENED! I
NEVER saw a low priced version of SQLWindows on the marketplace.
Powersoft gained rapidly through a very strong marketing presence - I
know, I went to some of their seminars. Borland was turning out Delphi
at a very reasonable cost to the consumer. SQLWindows, at the time, was
the high priced Rolls Royce. Further, the absolute RUBBISH HYPE from
Powerblunder and M$'s VB as amazing - you would think from the hype
these products could dance on water - whereas Gupta was very straight
shooting about his product.

Furthermore, and I feel that this was the absolute worst part - the
Gupta marketing machine fell completely apart.

1. Phone calls to Gupta Sales were almost NEVER answered by a live
person - they went to an answering voicemail with a promise that someone
would get back to them. ( This at a time when you had to fend off calls
from Powersoft represetatives. )

2. Gupta sales reps were starting to believe the marketing hype from
Powersoft - that Gupta was far too complicated to develop applications
in - too many function calls, etc. Oh, the number of fights that I had
with Gupta sales people who were convienced their product was far too
complicated - of course NONE of these sales people had ever coded a
single line of code in their life - they were just whistling Dixie out
of their behinds........

I agree, that Gupta needs to sell SQLWindows as a lower price - capture
the developers ( who can't afford high priced products ). They are the
ones who actually drive the decision as to the tools used in the
organization. However, now that the world is moving slowly to the .Net
world - I doubt that even this will now have any effect.

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Interesting Question

Post by luca.pivato » 08 Jul 2005, 14:31

 Posted by:  Gianluca Pivato 

I think Jim may be referring to the SOLO version of SQLWindows which was
free. It was actually what convinced me many years ago over PB, since we had
a chance to write test apps.


Jim McNamara

Interesting Question

Post by Jim McNamara » 08 Jul 2005, 15:31

 Posted by:  Jim McNamara 

Long time since I've seen you post Gianluca.

You are correct, I was referring to the thousands of free SOLO editions that
were shipped out. You were apparently one of a very select group where this
effort made a favorable impression. SOLO had quite limited functionality
compared to the 'real' version, was buggy, and was beyond Gupta's ability to
provide support to those who tried it. I'm afraid that it turn off many
more that it impressed.

Bud Ingraham

Interesting Question

Post by Bud Ingraham » 09 Jul 2005, 09:07

 Posted by:  Bud Ingraham 

I personally think that the concept of SOLO was brilliant, and Gianluca
was one of the brilliant programmers that were influanced to join the
Gupta bandwagon because of it. I know of many, many others.

However, Jim, you make a remark that is spot on - Guta is not provide
the ability, NOR followup, for those willing to try the product. If I
remember properly, the real limitation was that SQLBase version in SOLO
was limited to 5 megs. What bothered me about SOLO was that the
documentation constantly pushed QuickObjects as the method to develop
applications - another great folly. While QuickObjects have their
place, most people trying SOLO started with them and became completely
frustrated in their ability to modify them - Big turnoff. I showed a
couple of folks that tried SOLO how to build normal objects and populate
them just as easily - and they were very impressed with the product
after that. They all commented, however, that they wondered why they
were pointed solely and consistantly to QuickObjects in the tutorial.

I personally would love to have seen a "Developers" copy of SQLWindows
that could be purchase anywhere from $50.00 to $100.00. This would have
helped to develop support in this segment of the market. Still could!

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