SQLBase 9.0 for Linux includes Suse Linux

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Martin Teetz

SQLBase 9.0 for Linux includes Suse Linux

Post by Martin Teetz » 19 Apr 2005, 17:54

 Posted by:  Martin Teetz 

Dear GUPTA Newsgroup Community,

As of today GUPTA is shipping its SQLBase 9.0 for Linux products with a
bundled Linux trial product from Novell called Suse Linux Enterprise Server
9 at no extra cost. This bundle fills our partner relation with Novell with
visible life. This bundle enables SQLBase users to jumpstart SQLBase for
Linux deployment without having to buy a Linux distribution. The can simply
install the included Novell Suse Linux Enterprise Server 9 trial version.
When they like this Linux product they can buy Maintenance from Novell and
activate the Linux product for long term usage. SQLBase for Linux works very
well on Novell Suse Linux Enterprise Server 9. Both products provide a fast
and secure server platform for database applications. All orders for SQLBase
9.0 for Linux will be shipped with the bundled Novell product except the
SQLBase EDP products. We are shipping the bundle until we are out of stock
with the Novell product. Check the bundle description on our website:

And the related press release:

Best regards,
Martin Teetz
Director Marketing EMEA
Gupta Technologies

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