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Raghavan Gurumurthy

Developer Conference Details

Post by Raghavan Gurumurthy » 08 Dec 2004, 18:29

 Posted by:  raghavan gurumurthy 

Work on 'native' Linux version has already started and is not a dream
anymore! We will have true Win32 and Linux binaries in the next major
release. And, this will be done while maintaining source compatibility. Even
though we wanted to get UNICODE out sooner, i think it is a better idea to
combine the two together (cross-platform support & UNICODE) - as they affect
a lot of similar code underneath.

And, yes, WINE is out the door when we release TD2006.

The best thing about TD2006 is the new Windowing engine. It will be faster
and updated with the new look-and-feel. As everyone knows the last time our
look-and-feel changed was TD 1.0 - that is 8 years ago. With the design we
are putting in, we can not only support the latest widgets (on Windows as
well as Linux) but, also extend them easily with XAML or XUL later on.

As part of the final goal of compiling to MSIL, we are decoupling the GUI
from the core run-time and TD2006 will help us get to MSIL faster and
better. TD2006 will evolve into the version that generates MSIL code when

Regarding XML -- the features are really good and the performance is
kick-ass. You have native-to-SAL XML parser and with the ability to persist
UDV as XML and deserialize from XML to UDV, it should be great!



Developer Conference Details

Post by Karthik » 11 Dec 2004, 01:39

 Posted by:  Karthik 

What you say sounds interesting and is certainly technologically
impressive for a RAD tool with cross platform capabilities.
The main problem with WINE was that a small company (CrossOver) was
using it and it would have been tough to market your product. This
apart from stability problems of WINE. But now, you can say that this is
just a preparation for the next release.

Good luck and keep us updated with monthly posts and update your website
with the progress. If Gupta can actually come out with the release you
say and its bug free/good documentation, i will have to eat my hat in
this forum. But thats better to being on the streets without a job.
Lastly, i hope the documentation is good. Make the release sleek - with
top class UI and documentation- even if this means sacrificing some
features. This could be the last chance for gupta to impress
technologically as it did during the early releases of SQL Windows.

Best Wishes

Raghavan Gurumurthy

Developer Conference Details

Post by Raghavan Gurumurthy » 13 Dec 2004, 23:06

 Posted by:  raghavan gurumurthy 

Wine was always an 'interim' solution for us to get our product up and
running on Linux.

I will try and keep you all updated about the progress we make with the next
major version.

I would appreciate any input regarding the new look-and-feel for the IDE
from the readers. Please send private mail on that topic.


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Developer Conference Details

Post by Igor Ivanovic » 14 Dec 2004, 08:26

 Posted by:  Igor Ivanovic 


Regarding the new look-and-feel, take a look at the features of
Borland's new JBuilder. There are plenty of movie clips on their site.
I would very much like to have features like these in TD's IDE.


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