SQL Engineer 2.5 available for download NOW !

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SQL Engineer 2.5 available for download NOW !

Post by Karthik » 13 Jul 2004, 18:45

 Posted by:  Karthik 


Please read the product overview

SQL Engineer is a replacement product for people who miss Gupta QUEST.
It has had a few hundred downloads this year itself. Its a bigger
product than Quest, Database explorer and SqlTalk/Sqlconsole . The only
difference is that it has end user/developer facilities rather than
Administration facilities like SqlTalk/SQLConsole.

Version 2.5 is the latest release. It has a brand new SQL Editor with
Intellisense and function calltips, enhanced table editing, schema
comparison tools, source code search, object search, improved script
extraction etc. etc. Yes virginia, 2.5 beats the hell out of anything
Gupta gives.

Lot of attention has been paid to the usability/documentaion of the
product. The product has more than 100 Pages of documentation including
14 page overview.

The product would not have been possible without the superb (and very
patient) support of the ITG group members Thomas Althammer and Joe Meyer
since 2002. Please subscribe to Tea Talk to get a detailed overview next
month of version 2.5. The product was supported by ITG since 2003.

Thanks also to Neil Hodgson of scintilla.org.

Thanks to Charlie Mclouth/Mike V/Martin Teetz of Gupta for some very
prompt assistance in the SQLBase forums.

Thanks to all in SQLBase forum.

Best Wishes

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