The facts of Gupta's market share ? (2000-2005) & (2005-2010)

The facts of Gupta's market share ?

Post by BSB » 20 Nov 2003, 11:47

 Posted by:  BSB 

I am one of those die hard fans of TD working in this platform for the past

The below article scared me for a moment and still haunting me :

Any comments ?


Günther Feldzahn

The facts of Gupta's market share ?

Post by Günther Feldzahn » 21 Nov 2003, 17:09

 Posted by:  Günther Feldzahn 

In my personal opinion, this article was just made to scare people like you
and me, if you aren't an agent provocateur.

How to make business?
Making people gaining an advantage
Making people believe they would miss The bargain of their live...
Making people scared about the collapse of their world, if they don't spend
$$$$$$$ immediately...

If I right understood the ITG offer , the customer has to pay for a runtime
Calculating the offer by ITG it doesn't seem to be a bargain, considering
the dependency of a costly ITG runtime module.


Carsten B. Nielsen

The facts of Gupta's market share ?

Post by Carsten B. Nielsen » 23 Nov 2003, 17:53

 Posted by:  Carsten B. Nielsen 

The runtime is free and is included with the porting tool. Our website has
been updated to avoid further confusion. Find more information at:


Carsten B. Nielsen
[Ice Tea Group, LLC]

CW Stevenson

The facts of Gupta's market share ?

Post by CW Stevenson » 11 May 2004, 00:05

 Posted by:  CWStevenson 

The size of the community is a good question.

There are approximately 10,000 team developers right now. This is based on
sales of product and GLS.

There are over one-million installations of SQLBase ranging from 7.x through
8.x versions.

Gupta sales of team developer are growing at about 8% a year and sales of
SQLBase are growing at about 12% a year.

With the cross-platform capabilities of Team Developer to write applications
for MS Windows and Linux this year, we expect to see 10 to 15% growth in
Team Developer programmers/developers in 2005.

CTO - GUPTA Technologies LLC

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