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Robert Laudensack

Report a bug - what a joke

Post by Robert Laudensack » 11 Nov 2003, 13:34

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Today I wanted to report a bug on the Gupta WEB site. so I fill in the
form and .....
A) It tries to send an email and to do this it wants to launch Lotus Notes
6.5., my email client, but this did not work, so how do I report as
serious bug now? If you need my email ask me for it, but design a WEB site
which works!
B) What a joke, the Bug description is a tiny little field and limited to
255 chars, WHY Don't you ask me instead to send you an SMS?

Please get real, If as a paying customer I take the time to report a bug
give me the possibility to do so or are you not interested in improving
your software?

Your frustrated Customer

Jim McNamara

Report a bug - what a joke

Post by Jim McNamara » 11 Nov 2003, 16:45

 Posted by:  Jim McNamara 

Works fine with Outlook. Opens the e-mail so you can edit it and add attachments before sending.

Robert Laudensack

Report a bug - what a joke

Post by Robert Laudensack » 12 Nov 2003, 10:45

 Posted by:  Robert Laudensack 

Dear Jim,

I appreciate your feedbacks and that you take care of the forums, but
please READ what people are writing. This is not the first time I get an
answer from you which is not answering the question.

I do not use Outlook and there are quit some other people who do the same,
besides other advantages we do not participate in spreading viruses. So
how do I report a bug now?

I think that a more proactive response would have been better e.g. telling
how to report a bug.

Very honestly I consider your answer a slap in to my face as a customer.


Lubos Vnuk

Report a bug - what a joke

Post by Lubos Vnuk » 12 Nov 2003, 14:52

 Posted by:  Lubos Vnuk 

Before it gets fixed I think you can post your bug report directly to:

Subject: Log-A-Bug Report
Product=CTD Version=3.0


Jim McNamara

Report a bug - what a joke

Post by Jim McNamara » 12 Nov 2003, 17:13

 Posted by:  Jim McNamara 

You didn't ask a question. You simply bitched that the link didn't work with Lotus Notes.

You can always file a bug directly to:

There was no intent on my part to insult anyone, and I apologize if that is how you interpreted my comment.

Mahesh Ramakrishnan

Report a bug - what a joke

Post by Mahesh Ramakrishnan » 22 Nov 2003, 19:05

 Posted by:  Mahesh Ramakrishnan 

Unfortunately Robert, your first email was just complaining about something. We got the feeling that you do not want an answer from any of us, but want to make a point that, nothing works.

All of us like Jim, are here in the forum to get help, as well as to help others. As users of Gupta products, Jim and others try to help other members here.

You can send a direct email to Gupta at


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