Uncertainty in the market helps GUPTA Grow

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CW Stevenson

Uncertainty in the market helps GUPTA Grow

Post by CW Stevenson » 31 Oct 2003, 11:16

 Posted by:  CWStevenson 

We are looking forward to our developers next week and we think you will be
very excited about the many new development efforts GUPTA is undertaking to
ensure your success in the future.

In particular, you will hear about our LINUX efforts and, we will preview
SQLBase running on LINUX and, we are also working on some initiatives to
have Team Developer code run on LINUX as well.

You will also hear about our Team Developer .NET strategy and the work that
is going on to ensure you have a safe, reliable and cost effective path to
developing managed applications.

There is an interesting article that explains the uncertainty in the market
place and, to some degree; it explains GUPTA's success this past 2 years.

There is confusion in the marketplace and many programmers have returned to
GUPTA in the last year, in fact, we've seen growth of 18% in EMEA alone.
Clearly with .NET failing to take off and, for those who jumped on the .net
bandwagon a bit prematurely they have had to deal with some 80
incompatibilities between the 2003 .net framework and the previous version.
You can be sure there will be another "rewrite" of applications on the
horizon as Microsoft releases the new operating system code named "Longhorn"
. So if you like rewriting your applications every other year, I suppose
.net is a good thing - but if you are like most of our customers, you would
prefer to be developing new applications, not rewriting old ones.

Finally, as we met with several press and analysts this last week in Munich,
we received much encouragement that our LINUX strategy is sound and that it
could allow GUPTA to seize a major part of the market in 2004 and 2005.

I look forward to seeing you at the conference and hearing your thoughts.

Best regards,

Charles W. Stevenson

Executive Vice President


GUPTA Technologies LLC

GTD User

Uncertainty in the market helps GUPTA Grow

Post by GTD User » 31 Oct 2003, 12:55

 Posted by:  GTD USer 

Failure of .Net to take off ?

These emails are showing signs of increasing desperation... Propaganda is
one thing, but this is getting a little silly is it not ?

I'd much rather see a development platform move forwards than stagnate like

Martin Knopp

Uncertainty in the market helps GUPTA Grow

Post by Martin Knopp » 31 Oct 2003, 14:15

 Posted by:  Martin Knopp 

If you are located in German, Austria or Switzerland (or neighbouring
countries) and cannot make it to the DevCon it might be an option to visit
our "Business and Tech Talk with GUPTA and fecher" which also gives you a
chance to meet Chuck Stevenson and hear about the future plans of TD. Much
less detail than the DevCon however - so whenever you can make it I
recommend you to visit the DevCon!

Infos and online registration for the business and tech talk event (its
free): http://www.fecher.at/businesstalk

Martin Knopp
fecher GmbH
email: Martin.Knopp@fecher.at
web: http://www.fecher.at

-- Alle Dienstleistungen von fecher im Überlick!
http://www.fecher.at/services/ --

-- Gupta Roadmap für SQLBase und Team Developer mit Themen wie Unicode,
Linux und .NET - informieren Sie sich hier:
http://www.fecher.at/GuptaRoadmapJuly2003 --

-- Windows style web application powered by Team Developer, Building Blocks
XP and ASP.NET here: http://www2.fecher.de/islandweb/ --

-- fecher ist Premium Partner der Firma Gupta und bietet Ihnen alle
Produkte und Dienstleistungen in diesem Segment --

Keith Sandberg

Uncertainty in the market helps GUPTA Grow

Post by Keith Sandberg » 31 Oct 2003, 15:03

 Posted by:  Keith Sandberg 

Gupta's TD is one of many carts and Microsoft's OS's are the horse. Wanna talk about stagnation? How far has Windows come, technologically, since Windows 95?


Uncertainty in the market helps GUPTA Grow

Post by Sherlock » 31 Oct 2003, 18:40

 Posted by:  Sherlock 

Dear Keith,

Your post betrays a total lack of understanding. In windows XP, i can get blue or silver themes. Is this not progress?

Coming to Gupta, unless we are given some figures, i find it difficult to believe gupta is actually growing. Growth is a tricky word.
One consulting project which is real good or one real creamy contract shoots growth like anything although your customers may be deserting you.
I am not saying that Gupta falls in this category, but to state they are growing, one needs figures like Number of licenses sold/ Number of new customers .

The real bottomline is how many new people are adapting Gupta. I remember when i used to get interviews, only a single company
among 4-5 Gupta companies wanted to keep Gupta. Rest everyone wanted to port.

There are some encouraging signs from Gupta though. Their engineers turn out and answer support questions and 3.1 is certainly an exciting release.
SQLBASE is getting ported to Linux. Outer joins have been added and they are listening to their customers.

To those who attended the road shows, what is the picture?. Any inputs?

Let us see what happens.


Mario Pflucker

Uncertainty in the market helps GUPTA Grow

Post by Mario Pflucker » 31 Oct 2003, 19:20

 Posted by:  Mario Pflucker 

I attended the road show at Chicago. Gupta's top brass and developers were there, and did a pretty good job at answering all questions.

My impression is that they are trying to move forward with CTD and SQLBase. However, it could be too little, too late. They are planning to offer (limited at first) compatibility with .Net when Longhorn is released. That is way too long: probably late'05 or sometime '06. My company is moving to .Net, and the powers that be will not wait three years for that to start. Gupta's explanation was that they are waiting for MS to stabilize their product, I believe personally that it has more to do with the complexity of the task.

By the way, they were not very enthusiastic about automatic porting tools from CTD to .Net. (meaning: don't email me with offers or demos).


Keith Sandberg

Uncertainty in the market helps GUPTA Grow

Post by Keith Sandberg » 31 Oct 2003, 20:09

 Posted by:  Keith Sandberg 

Dear Keith,

Your post betrays a total lack of understanding. In windows XP, i can get blue or silver themes. Is this not progress?

Jonas Mandahl Pedersen

Uncertainty in the market helps GUPTA Grow

Post by Jonas Mandahl Pedersen » 03 Nov 2003, 15:10

 Posted by:  Jonas Mandahl Pedersen 

Dear Mr. Stevenson

Unfortunately I can participate in the conference.
However I have a very big wish for the future of TD.
Make it more stable.
From our point of view, stability is much more important than .net or linux
I were testing 3.1 and was disappointed to see that there still is problem
with your ActiveX and COM implementation.

Team developer is a greate tool, and I have never tried a faster development
But the time you safe in development and bugfixing compared to other tools,
is often used in making
workarounds and redesign, caused by bugs in TD.

I hope you will have a nice conference and that you can will consider these



Uncertainty in the market helps GUPTA Grow

Post by K.Henningsson » 03 Nov 2003, 15:28

 Posted by:  K.Henningsson 


I can't participate in the conference, however I do strongly second that
wish for stability in the TD environment.


OS: windowsXP
GUPTA: TD30 ptf1
Database Oracle 8.1.7

"A man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what is heaven for?"



Uncertainty in the market helps GUPTA Grow

Post by Sherlock » 07 Nov 2003, 22:07

 Posted by:  Sherlock 

Gupta's parent company atleast is not short on cash. 34th biggest in U.S is
not something you can ignore.


November 07, 2003 01:00 PM US Eastern Timezone

Platinum Equity is 34th Largest Private Company in America; Global
Investment Firm Ranked No. 1 Among Companies Based in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 7, 2003--Platinum Equity, a global
acquisition firm headquartered in Los Angeles, is the 34th largest private
company in America according to Forbes magazine's annual listing of U.S.
private companies with revenues of $1 billion or more.
Forbes released its 2003 list of America's Largest Private Companies on
Thursday. Platinum Equity was ranked 34th, with revenues of $4 billion from
its portfolio of operating companies. The full list, which will be published
in the magazine's Nov. 24 edition, is accessible at www.forbes.com.

Previously, Platinum Equity was identified by the Los Angeles Business
Journal as No. 1 on its list of the largest private companies in Los
Angeles. That list was published by the newspaper on Oct. 27.

Platinum Equity first appeared on the Forbes List of Largest Private
Companies in 1999, at Number 343. Since then, the firm has steadily climbed
the annual rankings, to 326th in 2000, 75th in 2001, 44th in 2002 and 34th
this year.

"These rankings provide a tangible measure of Platinum's extraordinary
growth," said Rob Joubran, the firm's chief operating officer. "We have been
very successful in acquiring companies and building market leaders in key
business sectors.

"They also signify the hard work and commitment of every employee at
Platinum Equity and its operating companies," Mr. Joubran said. "We could
not have built one of the largest private companies in America without the
dedicated efforts of our employees, and the confidence of customers served
by our portfolio companies."

Platinum's operating portfolio currently includes 19 companies with
aggregate revenue of more than $4 billion, and an aggregate employee base of
more than 16,000 worldwide. Privately held by financier Tom T. Gores, the
firm has completed 39 acquisitions since 1995.

Platinum typically invests in companies that provide mission-critical
products and services to enterprise customers. Generally, these
mission-critical products and services encompass the technology tools that
are essential to the operation of a company's business, and whose potential
loss or disruption could severely impact the customer's operations and
financial performance.

Platinum Equity's approach is unique among buyout firms in that its M&A
capabilities are complemented by a comprehensive team of in-house transition
and operations experts who help ensure a swift and smooth transition and
unlock value in the acquired companies. Through this operations-intensive
"M&A&O(SM)" approach, Platinum also builds value by successfully integrating
add-on acquisitions.

Significant recent acquisitions include:

-- In July 2003, Platinum acquired Kemper Services / NATLSCO, the service
platform of the Kemper Insurance Companies in North America. The business,
renamed Broadspire (www.choosebroadspire.com), provides claims management
services; disability, integrated return-to-work and absentee management
programs; medical management services; and risk and safety consulting
services to Fortune 1000 enterprise customers.

-- In November 2002, Platinum simultaneously acquired and merged two
competing distribution and service businesses that provide radiology
equipment and supplies to hospitals and health care centers in North
America. The two acquired companies were the Health Care Products division
of Royal Philips Electronics; and Diagnostic Imaging Inc., a subsidiary of
PSS World Medical Inc. They were merged to form SourceOne Healthcare
Technologies Inc. (www.sourceonehealth.com), the largest independent
domestic distributor of radiology equipment and supplies in North America.

-- In April 2002, Platinum acquired the European operations of Alcatel's
enterprise distribution and services business, a multi-national organization
providing voice, data and convergence solutions and services to companies
throughout Europe. Platinum transformed this business into NextiraOne Europe
(www.nextiraone-eu.com), a leading provider of voice, data and convergence
and solutions to enterprise customers across Europe. The business is closely
aligned with a sister company in North America, NextiraOne
(www.nextiraone.com), and their customer base includes a large percentage of
the Fortune 1000 - including every one of the top 50 companies.

Further information about Platinum Equity and its portfolio companies is
available at www.platinumequity.com. Attached for reference is a current
list of Platinum's 19 operating companies.

Attachment: spacer.gif

Marcelo Hayem Coutinho

Uncertainty in the market helps GUPTA Grow

Post by Marcelo Hayem Coutinho » 11 Nov 2003, 15:10

 Posted by:  Marcelo Hayem Coutinho 

"ABCD EFGupta Now go back To C+"
Really I never learn serious C+ programing, you now why because I use TD.
That is enough to do almost everything in our company from business
administration to factory automatization. It´s easy fast and reliable
software, I will never leave TD. The only thing that is missing for TD to
achieve the top development language in the World is called "Propaganda" and
old prices too.

Do you want a sugestion give Colleges free TD so they can teach the Kids
about TD and those lazy boys ( just like me ) will never learn other
Language. They won´t have too is all in TD.

Really if this work out for you all ( Gupta ). I want a big discount
upgrading to TD 3.1 and SqlBase 8.

What about a shirt "I Love TD" or "The Humam Gupta Spirit"
or "Gupta Forever"

Don´t quit on me I won´t quit on you unless you
raise your price again.

Go Gupta go,

Marcelo Hayem Coutinho

Thomas Lauzi

Uncertainty in the market helps GUPTA Grow

Post by Thomas Lauzi » 11 Nov 2003, 16:01

 Posted by:  Thomas Lauzi 

:-))) FULL ACK

Hi Marcelo,
this I wrote a several times in the NG (marketing feedback) and of course
mailed this to Martin Teetz, but they never reacted. Donate TD to
universities, colleges, high schools!!!
Make several product packages, like the others do. A personal edition with
limitations for very very small money, a standard edition for less money and
a enterprise edtion for normal money,extra licencing for the webdeveloper

To see what happens without this....
One student in our company and his team at university had to write a web
service program.
In their decision process TD was never mentioned. He asked me if it is
possible to do it with TD (because he did know it from the company), I said
mostly yes. But they had to buy a licence.
Ha Ha Ha, students buying a $4000 licence.
Microsoft give the complete .NET studio nearly for free for such projects
and they took i and wrote it in .NET. :-))

Yes "propaganda" is missing, but also a clever marketing!

Marcelo Hayem Coutinho

Uncertainty in the market helps GUPTA Grow

Post by Marcelo Hayem Coutinho » 11 Nov 2003, 18:17

 Posted by:  Marcelo Hayem Coutinho 

Sorry Thomas did not know that you gave them this idea, so let me repair
If the idea of given free TD to Colleges works
I and Thomas want back ten year of free upgrade for TD and SqlDataBase (
unlimited one ).

Come on guys from Platinum Equity, the guys from Gupta need some help on
marketing your product and I need Upgrade my TD and SqlBase 7 to 8 because
of size limit ( 2GB). There I go again not only me Thomas too

The Humam Gupta Society.

Well what are you waiting for, Go Gupta Go

Mahesh Ramakrishnan

Uncertainty in the market helps GUPTA Grow

Post by Mahesh Ramakrishnan » 11 Nov 2003, 18:33

 Posted by:  Mahesh Ramakrishnan 

Me too. Many times in this NG.

Mahesh Ramakrishnan
Visit www.aimsit.com

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