What do you want to see from GUPTA?

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CW Stevenson

What do you want to see from GUPTA?

Post by CW Stevenson » 25 Sep 2003, 21:06

 Posted by:  CWStevenson 

Want to meet the executive and technical team that's brought GUPTA back to
being a major player in the embedded database and development tools markets?
GUPTA now with 10 consecutive quarters of profitability and with a number of
new product releases packed with new features has bucked the economic trend
and has grown in some regions by as much as 24%.

Those in attendance will have an opportunity to meet the executive team and
the lead product architect as well as the product managers for SQLBase and
Team Developer. If you've ever wanted to influence what we do as a company
or, if you have a favorite feature enhancement, this would be the place to
discuss it.

And, in each city we will have a drawing for a free copy of Team Developer
and a 5-user SQLBase engine.

If you want to meet the team that will take GUPTA to the next level with a
Team Developer.NET and SQLBase for LINUX - sign up for the seminars

Below are the dates and a contact to register.

Please RSVP to kristie.wells@guptaworldwide.com no later than October
1, 2003 to join us at one of the following dates:

October 6, 2003
Ottawa, Canada
Lord Elfin Hotel

October 7, 2003
Herndon, Virginia
Washington Dulles Marriott

October 8, 2003
Chicago, Illinois
Downtown Marriott

October 9, 2003
Atlanta, Georgia
Atlanta Marriott Marquis

October 10, 2003
Dallas, Texas
Dallas/Ft. Worth Marriott

October 14, 2003
Redwood City, California
GUPTA Headquarters

Bupp Phillips

What do you want to see from GUPTA?

Post by Bupp Phillips » 27 Sep 2003, 22:27

 Posted by:  Bupp Phillips 

How about going off of the wishlist.

Suren Behari

What do you want to see from GUPTA?

Post by Suren Behari » 28 Sep 2003, 01:36

 Posted by:  Suren Behari 


The wishlist forum is indeed monitored very closely by Gupta Product
Management. In fact, many of the enhancements for Team Developer 3.1 came
off this forum, particularly regarding the Report Builder enhancements like
a.. Pre-calculated total number of pages for two-pass reports
b.. Text wrapping in page Headers & Footers
c.. Conditional formatting
d.. Page Breaks
I will start to encourage activity and offer responses in this forum, after
the Team Developer 3.1 release. This will help me with the feasibility
analysis of features(keeping in mind our Product Roadmap) and to help me
define the product requirements for project Yellowstone(release after 3.1).

I must admit that we have not been very visible in this forum, in terms of
responding to threads, but we do draft our product feature surveys from this
wishlist, as well email privately for further clarification regarding
compelling feature requests.


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