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Guppie Newbie

Handy Gadget

Post by Guppie Newbie » 08 Sep 2003, 14:57

 Posted by:  GuppieNewbie 

When I'm writing those interminable SQL statements, I keep a snapshot of the
table schema above all the other windows as a reference, so I don't have to
keep going back and checking the spelling. Strikes me that this
functionality could be provided from within TD, with the added bonus of
being able to cut and paste.

Jim McNamara

Handy Gadget

Post by Jim McNamara » 10 Sep 2003, 18:58

 Posted by:  Jim McNamara 

Different data source brands have different requirements to pull the
database schema. It's an all or nothing proposition. They could provide
the interface for SQLBase only or an interface for each and everyone out
there that claimed to be a data source.

A couple months ago I wrote a CDK that is posted in 'Tip of the Month'.
(Attached) It might be a starting point to save you some time writing sql

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