Issues of Centura marketing!!! (2000-2005) & (2005-2010)
Mahesh Ramakrishnan

Issues of Centura marketing!!!

Post by Mahesh Ramakrishnan » 11 Dec 2001, 17:42

 Posted by:  Mahesh Ramakrishnan 

It is not that Aidas. I have been using centura for long and I really like
the product much more than any other client-server tool.

But I have a hard time in getting new programers into this. Convincing them
is really a pain for me. I started giving up. We also need to make it
attractive for them. Please do not think people are crying just for the
sake of it.

It is like this. "I work so hard and fixed all the problems and added lot
of new features and I am the best. But I will not tell my manager that I
could do everything becuase I know that, I am still the best. But I don't
know why I am not getting any salary increaments or promotions when other
who does some amount of work and update the status to their managers are
able to get"

Could we figure out why this programer is not getting the credit for what he
is worth. Centura is unfortunately like that.


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