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Ed A

Dear Santa ....

Post by Ed A » 08 Dec 2001, 00:19

 Posted by:  Ed A 

.... I wonder wether I will find the new TD 2.1 under the x'mas tree ?!?

A section of the article at

Team Developer 2.1 was released to manufacturing on November 6 and will be
available worldwide November 20. Two versions will be available, a standard
version and an upgrade version, available at a discount to users of previous
versions of Team Developer.

leaves me wondering where my copy is ( my GLS is running out 2003 or
something like that ).

Guess they did not specify the year !!! ;-)


Mike Vandine

Dear Santa ....

Post by Mike Vandine » 09 Dec 2001, 00:09

 Posted by:  Mike Vandine-Gupta 

Hi Ed,

Contact your local Gupta office and ask where your copy is!
Mike Vandine
Gupta Technologies

Gerald Stowers

Dear Santa ....

Post by Gerald Stowers » 10 Dec 2001, 04:16

 Posted by:  Gerald Stowers 

Has anyone got theirs yet? I called here in the US to make sure I was on
the auto ship list for CLS, but they could not say when it was going to be

Any ideas?

Gerald Stowers

Radek Cerny

Dear Santa ....

Post by Radek Cerny » 10 Dec 2001, 05:15

 Posted by:  Radek Cerny 

Well, I have just had the wierdest experience. I installed a new major
release of SQLWindows, and it works. No PTFs or anything. No new bugs
(yet). AND it seems to be another 30-40% faster than CTD2000 PTF3PR3.
Christmas came a little early.


Martin Knopp

Dear Santa ....

Post by Martin Knopp » 11 Dec 2001, 09:05

 Posted by:  Martin Knopp 


Sounds great and does reconfirm my own experience with Team Developer 2.1
both regarding stability and speed!

BTW: 30-40% is quite low - most SAL code should definitely run 3 times
faster, however the database access is same speed then before as the
database and network traffic does not speed up because the development tool
gets faster!

However Oracle users might see an increase in database access speed as well
compared to CTD2000.

I had an app which does heavy database access on SQLBase and Oracle and the
speed improvement compared from CTD2000PTF3PR3 to TD2.1 was a factor of 5
(five). Well thats not representative but I did constantly measure it.
However its in TD2.1 at the same speed that it was in CTD1.5!

Martin Knopp, Dipl. Ing. [TeamAssist]
fecher GmbH / Österreich
Geschäftsführer / Managing Director
phone: +43-1-3199124-0
fax: +43-1-3199124-80

Ed A

Dear Santa ....

Post by Ed A » 11 Dec 2001, 14:14

 Posted by:  Ed A 

well, this really sounds like good news .... finally!

Just hoping that Santa will make it in time ! ;-)


Jim McNamara

Dear Santa ....

Post by Jim McNamara » 11 Dec 2001, 17:50

 Posted by:  Jim McNamara 

I caught up on my license maintanance yesterday & was told the cd would ship
same day. What a change from a year ago when you were hard pressed to get a
human on the phone, even when calling sales!!


Dear Santa ....

Post by RD » 12 Dec 2001, 10:58

 Posted by:  RD 


I received CTD2.1 yesterday and made first some basic tests with it which
ran ok but, when I tried to run 2 of my 'real world app', things went bad
bad bad bad ...

after 3 hours of testing I found out that the bug I had was linked to "Table
Windows" and "Child Table Windows": each time Centura has to open such an
object, it tells me 'Not enough system resources to create window'.

Sometimes it works when I create a new Table Window, and copy (Window
Name/Contents/Actions/Functions/Variables) from an existing one, then
comment the old one to use the new one instead ... but it just works one
time, and then next run is not working anymore.

Apparently this behaviour is only in Design Mode, not in EXE (but not enough
time and tests to certify it 100%), also, this error message appears not
only when I run the app but also when I just want to preview the Window.

Also, it looks like in certain situations, populating a combo with
SalListPopulate doesn't populate if the combo is not visible ...

So, for now, I already spent one whole day just to try to understand why
something which worked in 151 doesn't work with 2.1.


Have a nice day.


Dear Santa ....

Post by RD » 12 Dec 2001, 13:17

 Posted by:  RD 

Bug in CTD 2.1 : the same one that was in CTD 151 PTF6 (I think Jim you were
aware of this one) : ActiveX like MS RichText 'eats' keystrokes from all the
CTD app, thus, when the form with ActiveX is closed, next keystroke gives
you GPF.


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