licensing web page ?? (2000-2005) & (2005-2010)
Rajesh Desai

licensing web page ??

Post by Rajesh Desai » 07 Dec 2001, 10:25

 Posted by:  Rajesh Desai 

I have at long last decided to start using CTD2000, but am unable to access
the Licensing page to obtain my permanent licence.

How do I go about getting it ?


Mark Craft

licensing web page ??

Post by Mark Craft » 07 Dec 2001, 11:27

 Posted by:  Mark Craft 

I wouldn't bother, wait until 2.1 where Gupta have abandoned the active
licensing and returned to a CD Key.

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licensing web page ??

Post by Scott » 09 Dec 2001, 23:17

 Posted by:  Scott Booth 

Your local Gupta rep can furnish you with a small key-generating exe.

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