German User Conference - about replication tools for SqlBase (2000-2005) & (2005-2010)

German User Conference - about replication tools for SqlBase

Post by saridon » 30 Nov 2001, 14:08

 Posted by:  saridon 

Not a word about replication tools, replication servers (like dead Ranger )
Full indexing for SqlBase 8.0 still insuperable barrier ...

Mike Vandine

German User Conference - about replication tools for SqlBase

Post by Mike Vandine » 01 Dec 2001, 00:06

 Posted by:  Mike Vandine-Gupta 

The replication/data movement tool that we were offering (Exchange) has been
dropped from the pricelist. We are looking for something really good to
replace it with.

I don't understand your comment about 'insuperable barrier' with SQLBase
8.0. Can you describe the problem that you see?
Mike Vandine
Gupta Technologies


German User Conference - about replication tools for SqlBase

Post by saridon » 02 Dec 2001, 01:42

 Posted by:  saridon 

Full-Text Search

A very large portion of digitally stored information is in the form of
unstructured textual data, both in plain text files and formatted documents.
While the bulk of this textual data is stored in file systems, many
organizations are now storing such data in relational databases. By doing so,
the advantages of a database—including high-performance access, query
capability, simple application-based user interfaces for end users, and secure
remote access—are made broadly available. Full-Text Search allows developers to
provide access to structured and unstructured data in a uniform manner from
their applications.

With Full-Text Search, end users can search through text stored in the database
even when the text is contained in a formatted document, enabling:

Full-text queries on plain text data stored in relational tables.
Full-text queries that are seamlessly integrated into the T-SQL language; single
queries can combine full-text and "traditional" search paradigms.
Searching across all full-text indexed columns in a table.
Programmatic access to information about the query (relative rank of hits,
weighting by search terms, and so on).
Returning the top n matches by rank, useful for enhancing performance.
Full-text queries on formatted documents (for example, Office and HTML
documents) stored in BLOB columns in the database and registered for full-text
indexing. SQL Server 2000 ships with filters for HTML files, text files, and
Office documents, and developers can write their own filters through the IFilter
SQL Server 2000 also introduces change tracking to the full-text indexes in
order to reduce the need for full and incremental populations.


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