QuickDebug 1.3.3 released

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Michael Heseler

QuickDebug 1.3.3 released

Post by Michael Heseler » 20 Oct 2001, 12:04

 Posted by:  Michael Heseler 

QuickDebug is an extension for the Centura Debugger which offers the
following features:

* Variables and variable contents are automatically added to the
QuickDebug dialog and updated in single step mode.
* They can also be added or updated simply by clicking on a line in the
source code.
* Manual variables can also be added.
* Variable contents can be edited and assigned to a variable.
* Variable contents are copied to the clipboard at the press of a button.
* An editor can be opened displaying the variable contents just by
pressing a button.
* All application breakpoints are listed.
* In the outliner the user can jump to individual breakpoints and then
back to the current line.
* Breakpoints can be disabled/enabled individually.
* Conditional and absolute breakpoints can be set.
* Array contents can be listed.
* The global and instance variables of a class can be listed with its
* It is possible to branch to a class declaration.
* A jump to the definition of a variable or function is possible.
* Simplified navigation in the Centura tree view.
* Bookmarks can be set and jumped to.
* Variable contents can be displayed by selecting the variables (Debug
tool tips) from version Centura 1.5 PTF 4.
* A extended search is implemented.

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