New SENA/ADE Tool Beta Release (2000-2005) & (2005-2010)
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New SENA/ADE Tool Beta Release

Post by Dafni Balia » 15 Oct 2001, 18:23

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You can now download the latest Beta Version of SENA/ADE (Application
Development Environment) for Centura Team Developer 2000.

SENA/ADE is an object-oriented application development environment,
based on a proprietary Development/Maintenance Methodology. It consists
of highly developed centura object classes and powerful development and
maintenance tools that form the basis for developing sophisticated
object-oriented client/server applications.

The WebPage of SENA/ADE is:

Here, you can read some basic info. Either by clicking the word
"download" in the WebPage of SENA/ADE or by going directly to:

you can download:
1. SENA/ADE "Beta" (for CTD2000) (about 12,5 Mbytes)
2. SENA/ADE "Beta" (for CTD1.5.x) (about 12 Mbytes)
And (or) a set of manuals about how SENA/ADE works.

Looking forward to your feedback,

Lefteris Paraskevas
Marketing Officer
Telephone: +30-10-2719710
Fax: +30-10-2719712

For technical assistance, please e-mail

The latest addition to our environment is the SENA/ADE Wizard.
Using the SENA/ADE Wizard, a novice developer can develop powerful
applications of a very high quality with lightning speed. An
experienced application development facility can use it to
rapid-prototype applications for user feedback with virtually

Given an existing database and the SENA/ADE Wizard:
The Developer selects the database tables to be managed by the required
The Developer is guided to build appropriate datasources for those
tables, based on Foreign Key definitions.
The Developer is guided to specify the contents of the required Form
The Wizard automatically creates lookup table calls using Foreign Key
The Wizard creates a prototype of a high-quality application.
The Developer gives the final touch to the look of the application and
compiles it.
The End Users gets a top-quality, professional application with
extensive functionality.

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