Urgent - About SQL Pass through.

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Urgent - About SQL Pass through.

Post by yokelin\(Seatech\) » 15 Aug 2001, 10:11

 Posted by:  yokelin\(Seatech\) 

Below is my problem:

I run on a SQL pass through query. Let say, the result for A is correct. The
result for B is correct. Then I extract result C is correct.

Problem occur here:

When I extract All of this with the same SQL pass through query, it should
extract all A,B and C result. But the B result is incorrect. What might be
the possibility?

I suspect that it might because of the EXIST expression which speed up the
search from the table. Is there any other possibility? I ask this question
because I am new to SQL passthrough. Perhaps some of you have gone through
this experience too.

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