Save CTD/SQLWindows... Put it on .NET (2000-2005) & (2005-2010)

Save CTD/SQLWindows... Put it on .NET

Post by sln » 28 Aug 2001, 14:57

 Posted by:  sln 

That's just a bunch of hooey. They may start out as marketing, but
these technologies do work.


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Save CTD/SQLWindows... Put it on .NET

Post by luca.pivato » 28 Aug 2001, 17:49

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The Perl and Phyton that are integrated into .NET IDE are *not* compiled to
MSIL, they both keep their runtime interpreter. The Perl.NET and Phyton.NET
projects are still experiments and have little to do with the Perl and
Phyton integrated with .NET IDE.

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Save CTD/SQLWindows... Put it on .NET

Post by Jon Gupta » 28 Aug 2001, 19:06

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As seriousness is going out the window, I'll do it as well. Many mission
critical have been built during the last 10 years using CTD and there are
many customers still using the products. I have 400 MAJOR customers in
Scandinavia doing just that. How many can you name using VB in enterprise
mission critical apps. ZIP I suppose as VB has always been a toy for

Bet that gets the fires a goin.....


Ralf Gronkowski

Save CTD/SQLWindows... Put it on .NET

Post by Ralf Gronkowski » 29 Aug 2001, 18:58

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Thanks Gianluca,

i'm grateful that you don't let me look like an idot in this newsgroup.


Ralf Gronkowski

Save CTD/SQLWindows... Put it on .NET

Post by Ralf Gronkowski » 29 Aug 2001, 19:27

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pls see below:


Who's understanding of .NET is complete and accurate today? Your's?

I even believe MS's understanding of .NET is not yet complete. Several
components including Passport and Hailstorm are still under fire from
serious parties when it comes to privacy and security issues and not only
from Scott McNealey's or Larry Ellison's troups.

I believe most of the people posting here know Earl. Mike has not attacked
Earl Stahl, however his statement was slightly incorrect (sorry Mike) when
talking about Tomahawk's project duration. It was actually 2 years of work
on the famous SAL97 implementation. I do remember it as if it was yesterday,
because i had to dump all my related userconference presentations into a
trashcan after we cancelled the project 1 or 2 weeks before the conference
started. However Centura wasted basically these two years and had put the
best people including Earl and Charles Niemeier on the task. Some people say
the company still suffers from this 2 year loss.

Mike Robinson

Save CTD/SQLWindows... Put it on .NET

Post by Mike Robinson » 03 Sep 2001, 14:46

 Posted by:  Mike Robinson 

I apologise if it seemed that I was criticising Earl Stahl directly. This was
not my intention. I also knew Earl well while he was at Centura and I have the
ultimate respect for the way he steered the direction of CTD. My reference to
Tomahawk was merely that a good technical idea can fall at the last hurdle if
the development lifecycle is too long.

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Save CTD/SQLWindows... Put it on .NET

Post by Nesaar » 04 Sep 2001, 17:29

 Posted by:  Nesaar 

Microsoft WERE actually interested in CTD as its 'next' development

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