New Customers ??? (2000-2005) & (2005-2010)
Paul Pruchnik

New Customers ???

Post by Paul Pruchnik » 06 Aug 2001, 19:45

 Posted by:  Paul Pruchnik 


Anybody have any information regarding new Centura - Gupta customers in the

I see companies moving away from Centura - Gupta.

Thanks in Advance,

-Paul Pruchnik


New Customers ???

Post by sln » 08 Aug 2001, 19:27

 Posted by:  sln 

They have been moving away for years.


Anwar Syed

New Customers ???

Post by Anwar Syed » 24 Aug 2001, 23:06

 Posted by:  Anwar Syed 

I like your short reply.
I am hearing that Gupta/ Centura is finished since it was nemed centura.
Even today not many are moving from centura either because there is no
better alternative or they still prefer centura.

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