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Post by Satish » 13 Jul 2001, 13:51

 Posted by:  Satish 

Has Centura removed most of the posts from the newsgroups server. Messages
which were there in my system last week are no more there now. I've lost
them during synchronizing. Last week the count in adv.programming was more
than 4000, but now only there are just around 100 or so.

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Michel de Becdelièvre

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Post by Michel de Becdelièvre » 13 Jul 2001, 15:22

 Posted by:  Michel de Becdelièvre 

You are probably using Outlook express : it purges the message list on some
misterious criteria, to limit you display to roughky the number of posts
that you download.
Try resetting the group, and then set the number of posts to download high
(1000), it does not solve the problem, but reduces the irritation.

BTW if anyone knows how to force Outlook express from discarding posts...


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Post by Laura » 14 Jul 2001, 03:55

 Posted by:  Laura 

Instead of changing the number to 1000, you can uncheck the option and
download all at ounce.
To discard the posts, use the option and set it to discard them one day
after you downloaded it.

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Post by wilhelm » 16 Jul 2001, 13:02

 Posted by:  Wilhelm Speck 

Hi Michel,

you can disable the deletion of the messages in Oulook express.
I don't know how the option is called in you language version.
I try to translate from my german version and hope you find it.
Using Outlook Express 5.5 you go to
Tools/Options on the Tab Maintenance
you should disable the option 'delete read messages...'

I have all messages since 1997 and they never get discarded.
One other thing. Beware of changing the news-server settings.
If the server changes, all messages automatically get invalidated.

Hope this helps


Michel de Becdelièvre

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Post by Michel de Becdelièvre » 16 Jul 2001, 15:02

 Posted by:  Michel de Becdelièvre 


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