What's new With Centura ?????

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Paul Pruchnik

What's new With Centura ?????

Post by Paul Pruchnik » 24 Jun 2001, 12:29

 Posted by:  Paul Pruchnik 


Where can I find any info of what's happening since Platium purchased
Centura? The newsgroups seem to have dried up. Not much news on the Platium
or Centura web sites and no mailing lists.I talked to Centura and can not
find anything. I talked to Platium and they referred me to a Scott who was
very vague.

I am interested in any news or press clippings. Is there any plans for a
sales-marketing team for the east coast? Is there plans for participation at
any seminars or expos? Are there any new customers?

All I have heard is that they are trying to reestablish contact with their
old customers and trying to upgrade them.

Any news from any partners?

Thanks in advance,

-Paul Pruchnik

Thomas Wiedmann

What's new With Centura ?????

Post by Thomas Wiedmann » 24 Jun 2001, 19:38

 Posted by:  Thomas Wiedmann 

Hi Paul,

look at this

search for Product Roadmap http://www.centurasoft.com/products/roadmap.asp


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