CTD 2.0 PTF3

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Günther Fertner

CTD 2.0 PTF3

Post by Günther Fertner » 05 Jun 2001, 13:55

 Posted by:  Günther Fertner 

when will PTF3 be available?


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Igor Ivanovic
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CTD 2.0 PTF3

Post by Igor Ivanovic » 05 Jun 2001, 23:40

 Posted by:  Igor Ivanovic 

Toward the end of the year.
See: http://www.centurasoft.com/products/roadmap.asp


Pete Inman

CTD 2.0 PTF3

Post by Pete Inman » 14 Jun 2001, 23:48

 Posted by:  Pete Inman 

You can get it in the hotfix area, it makes an incredible difference if
you're using activex!


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