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Jim McNamara

Customer Service - Hope someone with some influence is listening.

Post by Jim McNamara » 18 May 2001, 20:23

 Posted by:  Jim McNamara 

I have been an SQLBase/SQLWindows user for about 8 years. I have generally
been very pleased with the Gupta/Centura tools over the the years - I think
that is apparent since I have stuck with them through some pretty tenuious
times from the standpoint of the financial viablility of the Gupta/Centura

During this 8 years I have placed 2-25 user and 1-10 user SQLBase
installations with clients. One of those clients has upgraded to 50 users
(and added me to their staff). I have tried to maintain the LMS on my
development tools while the clients have been left to make their own
choices. 1 has, 1 has not, and the other has when there has been some
incentive to do so (the difference in the upgrade price with current LMS and
without it was ample incentive). As far as other support programs go, in
the 8 years we have needed technical support only 3 times. Why pay several
thousand dollars per year for a level of support that we don't need?

During the last several weeks, we have been struggling to bring up a private
frame relay network for users in one region of the country. So far, we have
had significant support from WorldCom, Cisco and M$ network technicians but,
still have not been able to consistently connected to an SQLBase database.
When the database has connected, it has dropped with a 9024 error within a
few seconds to a few minutes.

Wednesday afternoon, we decided it was time to get the database vendor
involved, as they might be able to fill in the missing piece.


After 1 1/2 hours of leaving messages on automated voice mail in California
and Washington, or getting dead ended by the automated answering systems, a
sales rep finally called. When I explained that we needed tech support &
had been unsuccesful in talking to a human to this point I was informed that
per incident support is no longer offered & that if I wanted to talk to a
techinician, we would have to fork over $3,800US for 6 months or $5,000US
for a year of support. Needless to say, the person I was talking to got an
ear-full. I am OUTRAGED. How does Gupta expect current SQLBase users to
LITERALLY REPURCHASE the product every 2 years in order to maintain the
PRIVILEDGE of openning a support case????

Don't get me wrong. We don't expect free support, or even cheap support.
However, $3,800. just to open a support case is TOTALLY UNREASONABLE.

Today, I am ordering evaluation copies of SQLServer2000 and ORACLE.



Jim McNamara
Cash Now, Inc.
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Aidas Kavaliauskas

Customer Service - Hope someone with some influence is listening.

Post by Aidas Kavaliauskas » 18 May 2001, 21:55

 Posted by:  Aidas Kavaliauskas 

Experience from my excompany is, that this service is extremely usefull for
the problems like: "My SQLBase is not running...", or "I can connect from
SQLTalk, but not from my application...". Maybe some people will say that
I'm rude and arrogant, but that was one of the reasons ( not because I'm
rude and arrogant ;) ) why my excompany cutted with Centura support and
stopped offering SQLBase for their customers.

The point which I don't like in all these sad stories about Centura is, that
technical newsgroups are evolving to complaint newsgroups, where everyone
gets nervous and there is no solution at the end. Therefore I will not
initiate posting of such things in the future ( probably ;) ).


Phil Adams

Customer Service - Hope someone with some influence is listening.

Post by Phil Adams » 21 May 2001, 18:08

 Posted by:  Phil Adams 

The reason these forums become bitching fourms, is because the vendor is not
responsive to customer needs.

I will get a burst of email when I complain, and then SILENCE. I have used
the Gupta/Centura products for over a decade, but I really don't expect them
to be here next year.

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Customer Service - Hope someone with some influence is listening.

Post by luca.pivato » 22 May 2001, 00:15

 Posted by:  Gianluca Pivato 

We pay an enourmous amount of money for Sybase (OT: choosing Sybase was the
biggest mistake I made on a project) support. Without paying that enourmous
amount of money they don't even talk to you, not even if their DB is setting
your expensive unix server on fire.

We called Microsoft several times for support, the technicians that answer
the phone can usually help you if the monitor is unplugged or if the CD was
inserted upside down. For something more difficult you need extremely
expensive contracts.

By "we" I'm not referring to Ice Tea Group, but to a much larger company I
have been working for.


Michel Wicky

Customer Service - Hope someone with some influence is listening.

Post by Michel Wicky » 23 May 2001, 09:00

 Posted by:  Michel Wicky 

We pay something for Oracle support but their services are excellent and
we stay productive.
We have paid much more for centura support too but we never receive
anything else than "it is a bug...". We stopped immediately our contract.
What is wrong ?
How long will centura products stay usable ?
How long our customers will be confident on us ?
Do you know that some competitors (with bad oracle forms development)
are saying that our solutions is dangerous because it is running centura!

Michel Wicky
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