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Roger Kapp


Post by Roger Kapp » 29 Mar 2001, 19:27

 Posted by:  Roger Kapp 

Is Centura's web site still maintained ?

No event, no press release, no information regarding new products (CTD 2.5,
SB 8.0).

I hope the lack of news (since the takeover, you can click on allmost any
item, it's empty) is no indication of what's going on internally ...


Mike Vandine


Post by Mike Vandine » 30 Mar 2001, 03:45

 Posted by:  Mike Vandine-Centura 


Yes, the website is still being maintained. There's just a bit lower
priority at the moment on this effort. More focus is being given on the
issues that you are talking about, ie. exactly what's going to be in CTD 2.5
and SB 8.0. Some of the requirements are being re-evaluated at this point.
Expect a directions document to be out in the near future. Don't ask me
when, tho, because I'm not privy to expected actual dates.

There are *heaps* of things happening internally. Everyone still involved
in the 'Enterprise' business is very excited about the future! We feel that
we have now been given the room to grow that has been denied us in the past.
Mike Vandine
Centura Software - Perth, Western Australia

Roger Kapp


Post by Roger Kapp » 30 Mar 2001, 15:35

 Posted by:  Roger Kapp 

Tx Mike.

That "directions" document will be much appreciated.

Looking forword to read it soon ...


Michael W. Dietrich


Post by Michael W. Dietrich » 13 Apr 2001, 08:35

 Posted by:  Michael W. Dietrich 

Hi Mike,


I actually do not hope that this statement is true. Actually you already did
do great products in the past but the worst marketing I've ever seen. So if
your statement was true and still the website is not maintained, this (bad
marketing) seems to be continuing for all the future centura might still
have - am I right?


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