QuickDebug 1.3 released

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Michael Heseler

QuickDebug 1.3 released

Post by Michael Heseler » 10 Mar 2001, 14:23

 Posted by:  Michael Heseler 

QuickDebug 1.3 offers the following features:

a.. Variables and variable contents are automatically added to the
QuickDebug dialog and updated in single step mode.
b.. They can also be added or updated simply by clicking on a line in the
source code.
c.. Manual variables can also be added.
d.. Variable contents can be edited and assigned to a variable.
e.. Variable contents are copied to the clipboard at the press of a
f.. An editor can be opened displaying the variable contents just by
pressing a button.
g.. All application breakpoints are listed.
h.. In the outliner the user can jump to individual breakpoints and then
back to the current line.
i.. Breakpoints can be disabled/enabled individually.
j.. Array contents can be listed.
k.. The global and instance variables of a class can be listed with the
l.. It is now possible to branch to a class declaration.
m.. Simplified navigation in the Centura tree view.
n.. Variable contents can be displayed by selecting the variables (Debug
tool tips) from version Centura 1.5 PTF 4.
o.. Integrated search tool

A demo version is available for downloading (download demo)

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Marcel Numeijer

QuickDebug 1.3 released

Post by Marcel Numeijer » 29 Mar 2001, 09:47

 Posted by:  marcel@myrpa.nl 

Hi Michael,

Downloaded your demo version and I'm impressed about it. However there's
one problem. When inserting a new variable in the list, after entering the
name and leaving the field we get the following error:

The instruction at "0x035fc3e4" referenced memory at "0x00000000". The
memory could not be "read". The application is terminated.

Is it possible to fix this ?

I'm using CTD151 PTF1.

Marcel Numeijer.

Michael Heseler

QuickDebug 1.3 released

Post by Michael Heseler » 31 Mar 2001, 23:14

 Posted by:  Michael Heseler 


I fixed the problem you found.Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


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