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Uwe van der Horst
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Date picker

Post by Uwe van der Horst » 23 Apr 2008, 15:25

Hi all,

our customers want to set the date without using the mouse or arrow keys. It
would be very nice to have an input mask that allows the input


for 01-JAN-2008.


Jeff Luther
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Re: Date picker

Post by Jeff Luther » 23 Apr 2008, 18:46

Well, I just tried this with TD v4.2, and see that I can enter in '01-01-08'
into a date datafield formatted like: dd-MMM-yyyy
and I get back: 01-Jan-2008

And if you want all caps. like "JAN", I see you can get there with:
Data Field: dfD
Data Type: Date/Time
Format: dd-MMM-yyyy
Message Actions
On SAM_Validate
If SalIsValidDateTime( hWndItem )
! be sure to POST, not SEND; then the msg. will not be
transmitted until after the Return below
Call SalPostMsg( hWndItem, SAM_User, 0, 0 )
! I used SAM_User for this test; you would want to declare
your own PM msg. for this
On SAM_User
Call SalGetWindowText( hWndItem, sUpper, 100 )
Call SalSetWindowText( hWndItem, SalStrUpperX( sUpper ) )

String: sUpper

Anyway, that's how to get what you want. Since "010108" is a number, not a
valid date/time (01-01-08 is valid), it's a bit much to ask TD to know to
translate that for you, but with a little coding you get (nearly) what your
users want. They still do have to key in the 2 "-" characters to make it
valid, though.

Best Regards,
Jeff @ PC Design
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Re: Date picker

Post by Mirko » 25 Apr 2008, 15:06

Actually, I think, he is speaking about the new, fantastik, fancy, brand new
(but apparently not so famus...yet) object in V5.1 !

The so called : Date/Time piker ... tsNew.aspx


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