Blue fairy i whish ... we whis........

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Alberto Aviles

Blue fairy i whish ... we whis........

Post by Alberto Aviles » 10 Oct 2007, 21:28

 Posted by:  Alberto Aviles 

that some God helps us, the blue fairy, or what is

Like some one told me Pitagoras Lay (u know A+B=C), but just Unify can made
reality ... with SQLB11 0!= 0 then 0 = 1, ....

some opinions:

1.- Here is many People working with Centura/Gutpa/Unify/.... and ever they
made a release, surprice but we the users have a lot of bugs

2.- I think; they ( Centura/Gutpa/Unify/.... ), make a release and wait
that we the users tell the bugs, so we are laboratory test mouse....
3.- Hope; they take some time and check all they work because we the users
have many troubles because Unyfi's work isn't good

4.- Some people here are waiting for the Upgrades, and just get .... many
troubles ; i really want; get back the Linux Products; Good upgrades, no
more Upgrade installations please we need clean instlation (With your bugs
ant the upgrades where is the error, "in the installation" ), and please
take its work seriously, the work of many and at least mine this in risk
because of unify

5.- I hope that now they do not say to us that the products under Windows
are cancelled or that the updates are not useful

because all this, this is history:

I promised to my head to reduce to costs using linux, waits for some time to
that they released it, buys it and after months surprise they cancel the

we wait 4 months by TD 2005 to make the update of my system, surprise the
product was very bad that had it to fix.

wait SQLBase 11, "RC" and surprise does not work again

wait TD 5.1 and now I see in the forum that is not compatible with "RC" (not
yet I confirm it personally)

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