Behavior of coding assitant in Functions.

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Behavior of coding assitant in Functions.

Post by martinenco » 04 Oct 2007, 16:30

 Posted by:  Enrique Martinenco 

Hi all.

This is the situation.

When you start typing the name of a function and type Ctrl + space you see
the funcion like IMG01 .
Then you double click in the first parameter and start typing the first
leters of the name (see img02)
Then you hit ctrl + space again and the parameter name is autocompleted.
(see img03) .

This behavior is fine and very hepfull for programing. but... nothing is
perfect .
If you see the img3 you can note that the cursor is now at the end of the
parameter recently entered.

My Wish: When TD ends the autocomplete procedure put the cursor on the NEXT
parameter and highligth it (see Img04)

I whis this because is a beter way in the autocomplete process . Think, you
are with the fingers on the keyboard, then you must take the mouse and
double click on the next parameter. This is time consuming and
uncombfortable. If the function have one parameter, fine, but, if the
function have 6, 7 or even more is anyoning the travel between keyboard and

Best wishes for all.


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