Next Product Roadmap Under Development

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David Drager

Next Product Roadmap Under Development

Post by David Drager » 04 Sep 2007, 23:05

 Posted by:  David Drager 

We are now working on the Product Roadmap for Team Developer & SQLBase.
While we have identified many of the features that will be included, we are
still determining the remaining features. Your continued feedback on this
forum, especially over the next two weeks is greatly appreciated.

If you would like to discuss the future of Team Developer or SQLBase with
me, please send me a private email.

David Drager
VP Product Management
Unify Corporation

Rainer Ebert

Next Product Roadmap Under Development

Post by Rainer Ebert » 05 Sep 2007, 12:05

 Posted by:  Rainer Ebert 

Most important for me would be to fix ALL known bugs of TD and SQLBase
(especially regarding memory leaks and bad index usage).
Secondly I would like to see a better performance for both products (for
SQLBase including check database and update statistics).
For SQLBase (and TD applications) multi processor support would be great.


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Next Product Roadmap Under Development

Post by FRBhote » 05 Sep 2007, 14:51

 Posted by:  F R Bhote 

For Sqlbase would like to have an update statistics for a particular set of
rows - wonder if it is possible - for the recently added rows which can be
identified. And multi-processor and row-level locking which has been there
for a long time.

TD desperately needs performance improvement. The performance of SW 5.0.5
was far far superior - 3 to 4 times faster overall.

Thomas Lauzi

Next Product Roadmap Under Development

Post by Thomas Lauzi » 05 Sep 2007, 15:32

 Posted by:  Thomas Lauzi 

-Most important for me, too, would be to fix ALL known bugs of TD.

-Better stability and error handling is the second problem.
Handling to reset a broken SQL-connection
Handling like Try/catch to react on unexpected errors
SAL functions for a stack trace (like the stack window in TD debug
mode does)
Some VIS/SAL functions crash, when an unexpected parameter is given.
This is not defensive programming!!

-Full ActiveX support and I mean FULL activeX support.
Heared this is done in TD 5.1 but we´ll see.

-Remove old limitations from the early years of TD.
Outline space: heared it is changed in TD 5.1
Stack size: Not possible to program a quicksort becuase of the
functions deepth of 120 levels.
Max rows in memory in table windows: When no value is set, the table
gets weired on more than 100 rows.
Modernize the VIS functions: VisFileGetSize doesn´t work correct with
large files, VisDosGetDriveSize doesn´t work correct with large harddisks
Modernize the cstrucl.apl: limitations of 64KB

My greatest wish, a improved GUI and unicode is done with TD 5.1, so I have
mainly fix wishes, not features wishes at the moment for the next version
after TD5.1.

Thomas Lauzi

Rainer Ebert

Next Product Roadmap Under Development

Post by Rainer Ebert » 05 Sep 2007, 15:48

 Posted by:  Rainer Ebert 

I really support those wishes.

And I would like to se a constructor in classes.


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Next Product Roadmap Under Development

Post by Mirko » 05 Sep 2007, 16:02

 Posted by:  Mirko BONANNO 

Please come back to a real L4G !!!

Encapsulate and simplify !!! We should NEVER be obliged to use API !!!
I thought that the Attribute inspector would have been enanched with the
years : for example look at a check-box if I want it on the right I have to
call VisWinSetStyle( hWndItem, BS_LEFTTEXT, TRUE ) at SAM_Create ! This is
on option for the attribute inspector !!!

Give us real and complete high-level tools. IMHO since a few years (let's
say a decade) you (Gupta/Centura/Gupta/Unify) don't give us real solutions
you just put us on the way to do it but you never get to a real L4G
solution. Look at the WAM half-solution you provide I have the feeling that
I'm using a real low level tool I even have to understand javascript if I
want to do something more than say : "Hello world" . I really like the wam
concept but I'm convinced that you didn't go far enought (of course we can
on our side but that's not really the profile of a L4G developper).

I do not think that the problem is "wich feature should we developp" but
"how are we going to facilitate the programmer life to use that feature".

Maybe you can put a feature suggestions box at the devcon and then discuss
about it :-)


PS IMO for a good start SalExtensions sould be integrated into REAL

Aravind Ram

Next Product Roadmap Under Development

Post by Aravind Ram » 05 Sep 2007, 16:18

 Posted by:  Aravind Ram 

Yes please. A constructor will be great to have. You have a destructor,
why not a constructor?


Aravind Ram

Next Product Roadmap Under Development

Post by Aravind Ram » 05 Sep 2007, 16:22

 Posted by:  Aravind Ram 

"Maybe you can put a feature suggestions box at the devcon and then discuss
about it :-)"

Anyone on the forum planning to attend the DevCon in Sacramento? Hope to
see you there.


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Next Product Roadmap Under Development

Post by micsto » 05 Sep 2007, 17:40

 Posted by:  Michael Stoll \(MICSTO\) 

- Templates
- Interfaces
- Class constructors
- Static class functions
- Private class members
- Function overloading
- Default parameter values
- Initial variable values

Jeff Luther
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Site Admin
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Next Product Roadmap Under Development

Post by Jeff Luther » 05 Sep 2007, 20:10

 Posted by:  Jeff Luther 

"planning to attend the DevCon in Sacramento" - I plan on being there,
Aravind. I hope to see you and others from this NG there in November.

Let's all be sure to wear our name tags! (Someone else suggested a red
dot, or something, for identification. Good idea!)

Best Regards,
Jeff @ PC Design
info. & samples:

David Drager

Next Product Roadmap Under Development

Post by David Drager » 05 Sep 2007, 21:06

 Posted by:  David Drager 

Even better I will be at the devcon's in Munich, Stockholm & Sacramento. I
look forward to meeting with you and other newsgroup members there.



Klaus-Werner Konrad

Next Product Roadmap Under Development

Post by Klaus-Werner Konrad » 05 Sep 2007, 22:17

 Posted by:  Klaus-Werner Konrad 

Maz be I|m reallz old fashioned, but I think a Preprocessor (like in C
language) would be great,
best with #if #else #endif for conditional compiling.

Also a wish is having constant (initializable) arrays.

Last but not least it's very time consuming and hard to read the code, if
one have to
fully qualify variables in the form hWndForm..
Better would be this.

Greetings from Karlsruhe, Germany

Dave Rabelink
Founder/Site Admin
Founder/Site Admin
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Next Product Roadmap Under Development

Post by Dave Rabelink » 05 Sep 2007, 22:28

 Posted by:  Dave Rabelink 

- Support for non-sequential defined constants. A modern compiler
should not be bothered by the sequence of source code :

PAM_AnyMessage = PAM_Base + 1
PAM_Base = SAM_User

There is no reason why the compiler would fail on the example.
The next example with class definitions compiles ok, so why not
constants ?

Functional class :fcCustomer
Derived from : fcBase

Functional class :fcBase

- The compiler should compile the complete source and not abort on
missing classes for example. Compilation should report all errors.
- Warnings for unused code, like zombie variables, unused classes etc.
- Warnings for unused return types in functions

- Fully working undo
- Multiple selected GUI objects : attributes are applied to selection
- Defining gridlines, so gui objects on top level windows can be
easily aligned. Snap to gridline. This would make life much easier
when using user defined standards for gui layouts
- Align label text to gui objects so the text of the label has the
exact vertical position to the text displayed in the object (eg
datafield) even when the datafield has no border.
- Using F1 (or another hotkey) on user made code elements (eg
functions) displays the user defined description of that element in a
help window instead using a tooltip. Some descriptions are too large
to fit into tooltips.
- Descriptions should have some sort of formatting (bold, italic,
underline etc)
- Multiple layout views open at the same time. When aligning top level
windows it
is nice to have them opened at the same time
- Every toolwindow (eg controls or attribute inspector) should have a
TOP MOST like option so the toolwindow is allways on top of the other
windows in the IDE.
Maybe using a icon displayed in the titlebar of the toolwindow to
toggle this feature on/off
- Split window functionality for the outline. It would be nice to have
the top part showing another position in the source as the lower part.
The views option is not very handy. Just split the outline so the
upper and lower parts can be scrolled independantly.
- Tab order toolwindow : add an option to automatically order the
objects from top to bottom and left to right based on object
- All Sal and Vis functions, constants etc described in the help
- External functions (dll's) : would be nice to have a list of found
exported functions listed to choose from
(parameters not included as they are not known).
- User defined floating and docking toolbars. They could contain user
coded CDK functionalities.
- User defined properties editor in IDE. The properties are now not
visible in source code. It would be nice to show, add, edit and remove
properties using a tool window.

Object Orientation support
- Introduce private and public members (functions, attributes etc)
- Support for fully functional constructors/destructors
- Object clone functionality. To clone all data (instance and
inherited instance variables)
of objects. For instance SalCloneUDV( udvDest, udvSrc ) and
SalArrayClone( aDest, aSrc )
- Sending messages to all objects of a specific class (window
objects). Broadcasting
- Reference count viewer : some way to investigate the reference count
of objects during debugging
- Sorting UDV arrays based on attributes of choice
- Finding objects in UDV arrays based on attributes of choice. For
instance, get me the index of the
customer object which has customerId = 12345
- Be able to get UDV handles of objects so they can be send as
parameter in messages (like VisMsgString)

Sal language
- Select case should support evaluating strings
- Sal functions to convert from and to several bases (like dec2hex,
hex2binairy etc)
- CStruct library : support for unlimited memory/buffer sizes (now it
is limited to 64Kb and that is nowadays
prehistoric in a time where gigabytes are more common and multimedia
files are getting enormous.
- For default Sal functions to manipulate registry in full
- Support for non standard font settings. Using WinApi's font creation
and setting gui objects (or even complete forms) to the font handles.
- Fix Vis and Sal bugs (idiot proof interfaces)
- Overall better performance
- Sorting arrays need more options (like sort as number or string,
sorttype etc)

Team Object Manager
- User defined sorting of project data

- All defects which break the black-box principle should be fixed :
formats section, duplicate classes, case sensitive dynalib name
- APD debugging support
- Introduce SAM_ApdStartup and SAM_ApdExit

- Full support of ActiveX at the same level as Visual Basic (there are
still components which can not be used due to limitations of the TD AX
- TD created ActiveX components with full support of GUI object. A TD
build application (exe) should be build to an ActiveX component
without limitations.
- AX event trace facility. (showing all received events even when
undefined in the code incl. debugging/viewing
send objects. Like the message debugger which shows received messages
even when undefined.

- Independant visual settings for gui objects. So no templates for all
objects, but templates for single objects.
- Support for more bitmap types for gui objects and conversion
functions (like color to gray or concat bitmaps)
- Support for gradient/dithered transparency bitmaps

- Suppress SDK messagebox and progresswindows. The SDK should be a
service like feature which do not create gui's which can not be
overridden. Example : loading a TD source file using SDK shows a
progresswindow. This is annoying. It removes the focus from the SDK
application and shows information which can not be changed (eg
- Compile/build option as feature (not the way it is done now :
starting TD using command line parameters).
I would like to have a function like this : uApp.Compile() and
- Dockable SDK toolwindows in main TD IDE
- Retrieving functionnames of current executing context at runtime
to be used in better trace features


David Drager

Next Product Roadmap Under Development

Post by David Drager » 05 Sep 2007, 22:36

 Posted by:  David Drager 


Thanks for your new list. A two questions:

1. Does this include all the items in your previous lists?
2. Which features are the highest priority for you?



Dave Rabelink
Founder/Site Admin
Founder/Site Admin
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Next Product Roadmap Under Development

Post by Dave Rabelink » 05 Sep 2007, 23:31

 Posted by:  Dave Rabelink 

The list contains all the wishes collected in previous posts.

And which ones would be the highest priority ?
Difficult to answer, like naming the best movie you have seen.

But to name a few :

I think i would be very pleased to see some improvements on OO
features. Domain layers are very important here and what I allways
found lacking is a quick way to clone objects and to search for
specific objects in collections.
So, to copy the contents (attributes) from one object to another using
a simple feature like SalCloneUDV( udvDest, udvSrc ).
I think it would improve performance (when TeamDeveloper runtime uses
a more internal way to copy data from object to object) instead of
copy all elements one by one using a custom made method like
uDest.CopyFrom( uSource ). And it would save us from creating those

Finding a specific object in a UDV array on a free to choose attribute
like getting a customer object for a certain customer ID.

The compiler is also in need for more nice new features like
non-sequential constants, compiling without abort on specific errors
and the introduction of warnings, like warnings on casting datatypes.
I like to keep code clean of zombies (unused variables, classes etc)
but until now it is mainly manual work to strip those elements.
The compiler (or another feature) could assist in that.

The CStruct library must also be upgraded to todays standards and lift
the 64K boundary.

Last but not least : enhancements on dynalibs as mentioned.
They are right now the only way to do component based development in
TeamDeveloper at the client (so i'm not talking about web based apps).
There is no other feature for SOA / CBA, except the limited COM
support. I believe Gupta/Unify has the right architecture allready
present to do SOA / CBA in clients in the form of dynalibs. But it
can be improved (and promote it better).

Overall requirement : keep allways focus on performance.

I hope this helps.


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