Next Product Roadmap Under Development

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Niels Allerheiligen

Re: Next Product Roadmap Under Development

Post by Niels Allerheiligen » 07 Sep 2007, 12:20

 Posted by:  Niels Allerheiligen 

Seeing Dave's list for the umpteenth time, it reminds me a bit of this
little cartoon. :)

David Drager

Re: Next Product Roadmap Under Development

Post by David Drager » 07 Sep 2007, 15:55

 Posted by:  David Drager 


I am still working on getting that pointy hair ;)


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Re: Next Product Roadmap Under Development

Post by FRBhote » 08 Sep 2007, 09:40

 Posted by:  F R Bhote 

For SqlBase, would really like:

1. Fewer (if not zero) 702/703 crashes
2. Easier recovery from 839 type crashes
3. Unload ASCII to include non-ASCII characters - right now, there is no way
to change the PCTFREE value for a large table...
4. Lock Table so that a particular table can be indexed faster
5. Consistency in Index usage (execution plan) over vresions of SB
6. Audit of DDL
7. FAIL.SQL reporting the name of the failing database
8. Sorting of users / daabases in the console
9. Allow backup of logs after the SYSADM password has been changed
10. Easy repliation of data
11. Truncate Table

Ron Kuris

Re: Next Product Roadmap Under Development

Post by Ron Kuris » 17 Sep 2007, 19:24

 Posted by:  Ron Kuris 

Playing catchup here, but this one also needs to be addressed.

Good news: This was done for SQLBase 11!

Good news: CHECK DATABASE is faster in SQLBase 11. Bad news: UPDATE
STATISTICS didn't change (other than a few percentage points due to better
optimization of code), but we might be able to focus on improving the
performance there.

Good news: Dual core work has already been slated for SQLBase 11.5. An
interesting question, though, is how many of you have processor-bound
SQLBase installations?

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