Unify what are u thinking

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Alberto Aviles

Unify what are u thinking

Post by Alberto Aviles » 04 Apr 2007, 16:17

 Posted by:  Alberto Aviles 

What are you thinking, we are not playing, now i have 4 programers making a
new system whith CDT-Linux, we pay for licences, we pay at this boys, now
who pay at us for all that spend money and TIME.

The more important thing is TIME, now we have almost 2 years lost, and you
just say, is the end... sorry but this ....

now my work this in risk, so that I on the matter sold many ideas to
my boss of linux, and CDT-Linux,
like no more pay at Microsoft...

we have 1 year making test and show at users whow they wotk now in linux,
now you say NO MORE LINUX...

i´m agree let CDT-Linux Free, give to ICE TEA GROUP, or REDHAT, they can
take control of the develop, and the progaming work like ever in linux...
all make some for them.

sorry buy i have now a realy bad idea about Gupta or Unify are the same,
just stinks

J. G. Mischke

Re: Unify what are u thinking

Post by J. G. Mischke » 10 Apr 2007, 09:06

 Posted by:  J. G. Mischke 

That's (bad) business. Unify buy Gupta and is not able to see the real
growing market. If there were people with visions, the would say "lets work
for twice OS" but people with charts in their had didn't think so. They see
MS and nothing more, but tehy cann't see, that for NET tthere a lot of
developmenttools and Gupta will be one of a lot.

Now I see no future for Gupta and the end will be soon.

Thomas Lauzi

Re: Unify what are u thinking

Post by Thomas Lauzi » 10 Apr 2007, 11:21

 Posted by:  Thomas Lauzi 

No, I think the guys at Unify are more realistic. Gupta with their formerly
highflying plans always crashed in the dust.
Unify sees, that Gupta has long neglected the old loyal customer which now
are planning to migrate to .NET.
Satisfying them will will remain them as customer and keep Gupta at life.
What does most of the old customer care about the Linux market?
A Linux version would be nice, but supporting both OS-world is such a heavy
task which is not able for Gupta.
->Borland has also canceled his Kylix (Delphi for Linux)!

I now see a future for Gupta, if they fullfill their promises (but I doubt

Joe Williams

Re: Unify what are u thinking

Post by Joe Williams » 11 Apr 2007, 01:18

 Posted by:  Joe Williams 

Where was this announced?


Re: Unify what are u thinking

Post by Keith » 11 Apr 2007, 05:28

 Posted by:  Keith 

In the announcement for TD 5.1

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