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Clifford Bass

Alter View

Post by Clifford Bass » 20 Feb 2007, 17:42

 Posted by:  Clifford W. Bass 


My wish for today is the ability to alter the selection part of a view.
That is, the part that follows the "as" keyword.

Currently, to make a change like that you have to drop the view and
recreate it anew. This proved to be a pain yesterday when the view whose
selection criteria I needed to change was used with fourteen other views.
After dropping and recreating the base view, I then had to recreate all of
the other views, restore all the "table" and column authorizations, recreate
all the synonyms, and restore all of the comments on them.

Thank You,

Clifford Bass

Fridolin Schwarz

Re: Alter View

Post by Fridolin Schwarz » 23 Feb 2007, 13:20

 Posted by:  Fridolin Schwarz 

Even better would be an Oracle-like CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW


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