TD: QuickInfo on custom classes

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Sergei Poskriakov

TD: QuickInfo on custom classes

Post by Sergei Poskriakov » 06 Feb 2007, 14:34

 Posted by:  Sergei Poskriakov 

TD version 4.1.0 PTF2

There are QuickInfo tooltip balloons for functions and methods, and they
display the content of the respective "Description:" preperties in addition
to the function/method's signature.

There are *also* QuickInfo tooltips balloons for classes and instance
variables. However, they are limited to the name of the variable and the
name of the class. It would be nice that the tooltip also fetches the
"Description:" property of the class (when possible) and displays it just
like for the functions/methods.

Sergei Poskriakov

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